Visionary Branding

A 12-week group branding program for conscious businesses led by Nadia Payan, a graphic designer and branding strategist.

VISIONARY BRANDING is a 12-week group branding program for conscious businesses led by Nadia Payan, a graphic designer and branding strategist.

It’s all about: creating total alignment between your branding, positioning and purpose to grow a business that calls in the right clients for you to make the biggest impact.

When is this?

Visionary Branding is happening Tuesday, April 11 — Tuesday, June 27, 2017.

We meet once a week for about 1.5 hours (we may go over a little due to answering questions and diving deep, so be prepared for two hours).

Where is this?

Online, baby! Once you are accepted, you will receive all the details on how to set up and join our weekly video conference meetings together.

Who should/should not apply?

You should apply to be a part of the first class of Visionary Branding if…
– You have a business that you would love to see thrive and support you in your creative and life endeavors.
– You are ready to share yourself and see your business as an extension of yourself.
– You want to sit down with a seasoned branding and advertising graphic designer to share your work, get feedback, brainstorm, talk about how to start (and actually finish) your branding, talk about your biggest branding blocks, or anything else on your mind.

You should NOT apply to Visionary Branding if…
– You are relentlessly pessimistic.
– You have a problem with LGBTQ people.
– You have a problem with Muslim people, Christian people, tarot cards, astrology, or any other expression of religion / spirituality.
– You hate the idea of growing a business with purpose.

What’s included?

When you enroll in Visionary Branding, you are getting:

  • 12 weeks of teaching in a small group environment that is safe and supportive
  • 1–1 direction and answers with Nadia to work and hone in on your brand
  • Worksheets and exercises delivered to your doorstep for you to work on throughout the course
  • Recorded sessions both in video and audio for you to keep and be able to refer back to whenever you desire
  • Joining a community of conscious business owners on a private channel on Slack, where you can support one another with your branding and business endeavors. This community only grows as Visionary Branding grows.
  • A small artistic surprise in the mail!

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