Because let’s be honest, Excel spreadsheets are an eyesore

A woman types away at her keyboard while holding a coffee mug with her right hand. Notebooks are scattered on her desk.
A woman types away at her keyboard while holding a coffee mug with her right hand. Notebooks are scattered on her desk.

Getting all your content organized can feel like pure insanity. Maybe you even tell yourself you’re just not cut out for being “that person”. And we all know that one person who is oddly specific about where everything goes.

My grandmother is that person for me. Every food product in her kitchen, from the yogurt to the tuna cans, must have the labels perfectly aligned and facing you. God forbid one of her tuna can’s nutrition labels is facing outward.

Growing up with my grandma to compare myself to, I never thought of myself as a neat freak. In fact…

When you’re just starting out, never spend hours on a single post

@izabel.quezada via Twenty20

I wrapped up my third discovery call of the day and felt frustrated. Was it true what all the creative people I talked to were saying? When asked how much time it took them to put together content, I received responses that ranged from four to eight hours for a single Instagram post. Crazy, right?

This issue plagues many but especially creatives because they crave perfection just as they do for client work. They are makers of things who pride themselves on their attention to detail. …

Never send cringe-inducing messages again with this simple structure and template

Don’t you just get turned off when you get a message that feels copy-pasted? It’s one of those semi-triggering things that make some of us feel like we’re nothing more than just a number to a brand.

According to Markempa, “Empathy-based marketing is about walking in your customer’s shoes to understand their experience and how we can better help them get what they want.” Now, more than ever, empathy-based marketing is a must.

I’ve been getting flooded with LinkedIn connect requests, DMs, and emails that all have one thing in common — lack of research. I know you might hear…

How to create better stories that keep users engaged using just your mobile phone apps & simple tips to optimize your stories’ reach.

Want to make stories that keep your followers watching and sliding into your DMs? Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to go outside of the app to achieve this. In fact, we prefer creating content within the app for a more casual and approachable feel.

However, there is a time and a place for getting fancy with it such as promoting a product or service launch, sharing pillar content like new podcast episodes, features in the press, event appearances, or anything else you deem important. …

Why I decided to stop obsessing over purpose and just live my life.

Female college graduate throwing confetti wearing cap and gown
Female college graduate throwing confetti wearing cap and gown
@Stephanie.kauffman via Twenty20

In a world so hellbent on pursuing your purpose, not knowing what it was made me feel ridiculous & inadequate. Life is a struggle, it’s part of how you absorb lessons. Life will test how bad you want it.

Whatever “it” is for you…

But my “it” didn’t have a face — it didn’t even have a name. I just knew my “it” as a nearly mythical creature made of happiness and deeper meaning. …

You have the power to create a digitally healthier experience for yourself.

I’m curious, do believe there is such a thing as healthily consuming social media content? I think it’s possible but that the definition of healthy consumption depends on the individual and how confident they are with themselves. Upon taking a break from social media I learned a few guidelines for myself which may help others on their own path to learning to use social media without feeling bad about themselves while scrolling. There are two things that are certain to me.

  1. Social media itself is not toxic: It’s simply the medium to convey a message. …

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