The Crime Logs
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The Crime Logs

Amber DuBois and Chelsea King

How the system failed them.

Amber Dubois AP photo/Courtesy of Dubois family

On February 13, 2009, fourteen-year-old Amber DuBois went missing walking to school in Escondido, California, and vanished without a trace. Dave Cave, Amber’s stepfather, knew something was wrong when Amber didn’t return home from school at 4:30 p.m. Dave notified Amber’s mother, Carrie and the family took immediate action, with the help of the community, searching for Amber, handing…



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Christi Wadle

Christian. Writer. Trying to find my way. I love to write humor, politics, satire. Funny. Unfiltered. Mom of my dog Kirby. I have lots to say about everything.