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The Crime Logs

Murder on the Dock of The Bay

The Unsolved Murders of the F/V Investor

Fishing the high seas of Alaska is a life meant for only a special few. It isn’t the easiest of lives, but for those who make a career of it, they truly love it. Fishing was a way of life for the Coulthurst Family. They had no idea that tragedy was going to strike them and their crew.

The Crew

The F/V Investor was a 58-foot-boat designed for fishing. The F/V Investor was a brand new, state-of-the-art vessel with all of the bells and whistles. It was a ship to be envied among the other…




The Crime Logs mission is bring awareness to crimes which are both solved and unsolved. We aim to bring a resolution to cases which remain open.

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Jennifer Baldwin

Jennifer Baldwin

Teacher * Psychology * Unsolved Crime * Forensics * Mystery * Animal Lover * Fashion * Southern California

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