To Those Who Won’t Listen #BlackLivesMatter

Another life gone…Another family broken…Another Cop on vacation…

I think I am writing this to let out my sadness and anger this morning in the wake Alton Sterling’s death. I would love to spend my time writing so eloquently and laying out facts but I don’t think you’ll hear me. You don’t want to see the truth. I would like to say that I am writing this to change hearts and minds but it seems many refuse to listen despite -the reality we face. They refuse to see reality and fight for justice. They will choose not to think critically about this issue but go with what some “white cultural mandate” has taught them.

The same people who fight daily for their “gun rights” will justify a killing of a black man because he is practicing his “gun rights” (which reality is most young black men killed aren’t armed!). These same justification fuel the fire to more police killings, more violence, more division. I could list all the police killings of young black men that have been killed just in the past 3 years but it would pain me to rehash it all. I am not convinced others would see the magnitude of it even if I did. This is our past, present, and I pray it isn’t our future. When will the violence of “our protectors” stop?

See race is a social construct that has been so engrained in our society we can’t escape it’s realities. It a social construct meaning it isn’t inherent to creation — it is created to keep certain people in power and certain people down. “White” and “Black” in reality have nothing to do with people -what’s it mean to be “white”?

But the problem is the social construct has take over all areas of life and because of this I can tell you want it means to be “white” -that I can carry a gun if I want to and not fear cops shooting me. And I can tell you in part of what it means to be “black” -that my brothers are always at risk of violent death from the very ones pledged to protect them, armed or not.

To stand against the movement for justice is not a matter of opinion -it is an act of racism. Police aren’t pinning down your “white” friends and shooting them. Your “white” kids can play with BB guns all they want anywhere they want without police killing them. Police signed up to put their life on the line not young black men. Even with video evidence in most of the recent killings -justice somehow is still not served.

As a follower of Jesus I know part of my call is to stand for justice -to stand for change. I am called to be the hands and feet of Jesus bring the realities of the Kingdom to a dark world right now. If there is something the church- one of the most influential organizations can stand unified over it is justice in the face of the evil happening in our “justice system”. The question is will we do it? Will the church answer the call of Jesus to see the world clearly and fight for justice?

I don’t know…but i do know it’s time for change -it’s time for the true saints and those who will partner for the common good to rise up. Something must change…

There so much more to say -but I’m afraid you won’t listen…you will choose not to hear the truth…

Maranatha — Jesus you’re the only hope we have…we will have Justice!

#BlackLivesMatter #AltonSterling

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