Maintaining your goals

By Jazmyn Mora

As we wrap up this semester, it becomes fairly easy to lose track of tasks and responsibilities. This time of year usually means we get wrapped up in our own worlds and thus lose motivation.

The approach of a new year is a good time to reset by coming up with goals to keep organized and prepare for a new school year.

According to the Aware Centre, a recent psychological study was conducted, which showed that setting goals for yourself can build self-esteem. Raising your self-esteem levels can make you less vulnerable to anxiety and depression.

Brain scans also showed that when self-esteem is higher, common emotional pain such as failure or rejection is received as being less painful and can be moved on from more quickly and effectively.

When setting goals, you want to make sure to be purposeful with them and specify what type of goal you are setting for yourself. There are several categories of goals to make that you can find below:

  • Academic Goals: These are goals you set to improve the way you deal with your school work like tackling procrastination or improving on a subject.
  • Personal Goals: These can be anything you want to improve on. For example, a skill or a harmful mindset you have.
  • Health Goals: These include having a healthier diet or being more active.
  • Social Goals: Social Goals may help you to connect more with family and friends or just working on your overall social skills.

Although coming up with your resolutions and goals can be easy, sticking to them typically is not.

There are a multitude of ways to maintain your goals. You can:

  • Make a poster (or something similar) with your goals, timelines and progress to hang in your locker or bedroom.
  • Write on sticky notes with reminders, motivational quotes or your goals and place them in areas where you know you will look daily.
  • If you’re more into technology, there are several organizational apps and tools that you can download on your device like the app ClickUp, which helps you track and manage your goals.

Whether you choose an academic, social, health or personal goal, make sure to find a way to stay on track that works best for you.

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