Preparation for New Years

By Willie Romero

Whew! 2021 is coming to an end, so what could be better than having it go out with a bang by throwing a party? Get the best deals, meals and decorations just right for you.

Essentials every party needs!


When in doubt, pizza is always a great option for feeding your guests at a party or celebration. If this is your case, head on over to your local pizza shop or call in for a delivery.

Little Caesars is a great affordable and local option as they serve their classic “Hot N Ready” pizzas for only $5 each. They also offer an 8-count of oven-roasted, BBQ, buffalo or garlic parmesan wings for the price of $6, stuffed cheesy bread sticks for $5 and 2-liter sodas for under three bucks each.

Alternatively, if you are someone who likes tradition, you can always cook up some collard greens, black-eyed peas, ham or pork and cornbread to avoid “seven years of bad luck.”


This is a party, right? A couple of 2-liter sodas will not last all day! Depending on how many people are coming over, stop by Walgreens and purchase a few 12-packs of soda or make your own punch with a gallon jug of your preferred Hawaiian punch flavor mixed with a liter of Sprite. Another fun traditional drink is champagne for the adults and sparkling apple cider for the minors at the party.


Dollar stores are going to be your best bet for good, cheap decorations. If you are still having a hard time finding what you are looking for, head over to Party City, which is a store dedicated to party decorations and items. They have a lot of deals, and their decor will likely have more variety and quality. There are over 500 results for New Years decorations on their website here.

Celebrating the right way

Celebrate by having fun with your family and friends, socializing, making jokes and showing love to others. Make sure to include everyone in activities so that no one feels left out, and play music everyone can listen to. Here is an article on southern New Year’s traditions for more inspiration. Additionally, you can:

  • Set off some (legal) fireworks!
  • Host a New Year’s countdown to create an atmosphere of mounting excitement for the new year.
  • Take fun pictures with your family.
  • Host a huge indoor treasure hunt for special prizes.
  • Get everyone to play cup pong!
  • Get a midnight kiss from someone.



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