5 Coffee Shops in the World For Your Next Nomadic Fix

Traveling means jet lag and jet lag means coffee — at least for caffeine lovers! Check out these coffee shops around the world that give you a glimpse into the rich history of coffee.

  1. The Coffee Academics (Hong Kong/Singapore/Shanghai)
Photo: the-coffeeacademics.com

The Telegraph listed The Coffee Academics as one of the world’s best coffee shops in 2016. Inside the brand’s Causeway Bay flagship store, visitors can enjoy destination-inspired drinks against a quaint backdrop.

Best known for: Pepper Agave Latte — A daring attempt on a cup of hot latte! TCA added Agave and cracked pepper for a fiery tinge that goes really well with the nectar.

2. La Cafeotheque (Paris)

Photo: lacafeotheque.com

While many cafes in Paris focus on atmosphere more than the coffee, this spot is one of the exceptions. Coffee aficionados, Parisian hipsters, and tourists gather at this cafe for the best beans from all over the world, which are roasted in-house. La Cafeotheque

Best known for: Beans are sourced from all over the world and roasted in front of you

3. Café Ekberg (Helsinki)

Photo: ekberg.fi

This cafe has been around since 1852, and is still owned by the Ekberg family. While many new shops have opened, Cafe Ekberg has been the old mainstay.

Best known for: Classic black coffee paired with their bestselling champagne cork-shaped sponge cake

4. Sant’Eustachio il Caffè (Rome)

Photo: santeustachioilcaffe.com

Dating all the way back from the 1930s, this coffee shop and roastery in the heart of Rome is an institution. Having a cup of coffee here is as important as visiting the Colosseum

Best known for: 100% authentic espresso

5. Fazil Bey (Istanbul)

Photo: krismlars.com

The folks at Fazil Bey carefully select Brazilian coffee beans before personally roasting and grinding them on site. With the skill and experience founder Fazil Bey has acquired from taking over his grandfather’s job, the coffee is then brewed to perfection in the traditional cezve (a small copper pan with a long handle) before being served with a glass of water and piece of Turkish delight. This dedication to process has led many to argue that this is the best Turkish coffee in the city.

Best known for: Damla Sakızlı — A cup of Turkish coffee with the natural pine flavoring of mastic

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