Denise’s silent and colorful desk

Silence is one of the most important elements in the creative writing process. For Denise, who works as a writer and content marketer at Crossover, taking that moment to slow down and be present is very valuable. Check out her workspace!

My Gear:

My workspace at home is in a small room next to the living room. I love this room because it has one large window that lets natural daylight in. Since my job involves a lot of typing, my colorful mechanical keyboard makes working at my desk more fun! I also have my laptop connected to a 24-inch monitor. I like to be around people, but not when I write, so I usually work in a very quiet environment. There are some days however, when I play downtempo, triphop, or lo-fi hiphop music. There’s a solid body of research out there that suggests ambient noise aids creativity!

Most days, my dog also sleeps on the rug by my chair. Amazingly, I haven’t trampled him yet.

While I mostly work at this workspace, when it gets too hot, I head to a nearby mall or coffee shop so I can don’t have to listen to my AC unit’s weird whirring sounds.

I’m amazed by how many different ways there are to work. I know some colleagues who work at the beach, by the mountains, people who only write in public, even people who can work with rock music in the background. I’m looking forward to seeing some more ways we work on the blog.

Daenerys Targaryen is my homegirl.