Going Global

You don’t have to be in Silicon Valley to have a career in tech

The technology industry is becoming more global — both for professionals working in IT and businesses looking to hire tech talent. Recently, Crossover CEO Andy Tryba joined a panel of experts at the Going Global: Secrets of Silicon Valley event in San Francisco to share how Crossover has found success hiring software developers and engineers from all around the globe.

Andy highlighted several reasons why a global attitude towards work and hiring can benefit both employers and employees:

Demand for tech talent is on the rise — and the U.S. alone can’t fill it

Educational institutions in the U.S. graduate only about 130,000 engineers a year — and that number isn’t growing. That’s not enough people to fill the explosion in demand for developers and other technical roles, whereas other countries have a lot of highly trained tech talent who offer a wide variety of skills. Location isn’t an issue when technical work is happening online and in the cloud.

“If you want to actually be able to grow your company with the skill sets you need, you actually have to look [for talent] remotely.”

Talent doesn’t have boundaries

Take Crossover’s own employment model as an example: All of our IT roles are 100% remote, and we currently have more than 1,800 partners across nearly 100 countries. Between 5,000 and 10,000 people apply to join our talent network each week. People want opportunities to use their skills on challenging projects and choose how and where they work.

“We’re passionate believers that literally the best of the best are all over the world, and we envision a future where just like all compute went to the cloud and all software followed it, we also believe that all high-skill jobs go to the cloud.”

To hear more from Andy and the other panelists, you can watch the full event here:

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