Going Local

On February 7, 2017, Crossover partners clicked into their Crossover dashboard to discover a new widget.

World App on bottom right

Within a minute, intercom beeped, and up popped a message from Federico Mazzoli, Crossover’s product manager, introducing our World App. The app helped partners discover members of the Crossover family in their own cities, regions, and countries. Many of them displayed it proudly on their social media.

We caught up with Federico recently and chatted about the idea and design of the World App.

Crossover Marketing (XO): What inspired you to build the World App?

FM: Remote workers, particularly freelancers, can feel alienated from their team. At Crossover, our vision of remote work is different. Our teams are strengthened by connections, and the product empowers our partners to connect. It’s great to feel like you are part of something bigger. We currently have a presence in over 100 territories. So no matter which country you live in or which city you are visiting, chances are that there’s someone from the Crossover community right there with you. Go meet them!

XO: Did you imagine that Crossover World would inspire so many partners?

FM: We certainly did not anticipate the speed of the reaction! Within two days of the release, partners were posting pictures of get-togethers and meetings, all facilitated by our app.

XO: Part of our vision of the future of work is an office in the cloud. How does Crossover World fit into this vision?

FM: We always tell our clients, “Talent has no zip code.” The best people for the job are spread all over the globe. Crossover World visualizes this philosophy. You can see the world alight with partners in every corner. Every partner rocked Crossover’s extremely selective hiring process to land a place on that map.

XO:What about Crossover World excites you most?

FM: Hundreds of people are going to meet in person! Who knows how many partnerships, friendships, or even romances are going to be created? That’s pretty exciting, if you ask me.

Many Meetings

Our tournaments are bringing together people who’ve worked on the core team for years. Partners in Cluj, Moscow, Kraków, and Lviv recently hosted Austinites Heather Aholt and Andy Tryba, along with Bucharest resident Alina Otelea. Luciano Bargmann, sometimes called Dungeon Master Bargmann, came all the way from sunny Brazil. His dearest wish, we gather, was to see a real Romanian castle.

Over the fortnight of European tournaments, different partners joined in where they could. We overheard discussions on the correct way to eat soup, music festivals, and the aesthetic value of pink shirts. One Crossover partner learned never to check in luggage, and another learned that an Austin-based wardrobe doesn’t stand up to Europe in the winter. There may have been multiple A/B tests on wine quality. The city-hopping digital nomads finished in Prague, with Valeria Cavaliere from Italy joining them in the city of a thousand spires.

A/B testing of beverages in progress, Praha, 2017.

Crossover is Timișoara and Crossover is Austin. We are Athens and we are Hangzhou. As we go local, we’re bringing co-working spots to our hub cities. If you have a story about your remote work meetup #irl get in touch with us at rukma.sen@crossover.com — we’d love to feature you on our blog and newsletter.

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