Inside Crossover: a Q&A with Software Engineer William Huang

Meet William.

He’s from Brazil and worked as a software engineer at Hewlett-Packard before joining Crossover. A former colleague at HP tipped him off about how different Crossover was from traditional office environments — no loud coworkers, no commute, the option to work from home or wherever else you like, plenty of interesting work for anyone who likes a good challenge.

William was up for the challenge (and ready to ditch his office job!), so he applied and made it through the evaluation process for Crossover’s highest-level role: Java chief architect. Here, he gives you an insider’s perspective on working at Crossover and shares his best tips and tools for remote work.

How did you get started as a software engineer?

I always liked computers in general, and previous to getting into software development, I was a hardware technician, which gave a good foundation on how computers work.

What types of projects are you working on currently?

I am leading the UI architecture for the Crossover systems and also leading the design of an automated system for grading candidates applying to Crossover. The UI architecture for Crossover has been very challenging, since we have to constantly be up to date with the latest technologies. It has been a blast working with lots of talented folks.

What’s the best thing about working remotely?

Ah, easy! Not having to deal with traffic/commute. Time is much too precious to waste behind the wheel every day!

Do you have any favorite tools or techniques that help you stay productive?

I use so many tools! My weapon of choice is a full-fledged IDE like IntelliJ IDEA (sorry guys, but using Sublime text only gets you so far on software development). In the background, I always have good electronic music tuned in. Internet radio is the new coffee!

How do you stay connected with your teammates?

Use chat software a lot. Do not email, ever. And even better are voice/video calls. Those are a must.

What advice would you give someone thinking about applying for a remote position?

Don’t think twice. Give it a try now — this is the future of work. The sooner you get into it, the more prepared you will be for the future.