Meet the Cats of Crossover

Most cat owners are convinced that their beloved cats are truly amazing companions. Cats are endearing, mysterious, lovable, and mischievous. For many people, cats have become a part of the family.

Today, we’re featuring those that form the Crossover family.

Pankaj Dhoot, Platinum Experience Manager, has a soft spot for animals. Growing up, he’s had over 60 cats and we’re featuring nine of them here today.

This is Kaalu
Kaalu is Marathi for black
“He is always ready to sport the fiercest look whenever he sees me grab my camera. He’s the “bad cop” among my pets. He also loves to climb trees for unknown reasons.” — Pankaj
This is Neelu

He loves attention. He likes to bathe under the sun and he makes sure he is always dandy (for cat standards, at least.)

This is Chimni. Chimni means Sparrow in Marathi.
“I have this water pot at home where a lot of birds visit every morning. Chimni always finds the perfect time to pounce on those birds. He also follows his brother Kaalu when climbing trees, but is unable to go down by himself.” — Pankaj
Meet Mauli

She lives up to her name, which affectionately means mother in Marathi and always looks out for her kittens. She is very alert and always likes to stay close when her kittens bully each other.

Now this is Sonu
“Sonu is my protector. He is very friendly to the other cats, and loves to play with his cat friends at home.” — Pankaj
Pankaj’s unnamed kitties

These are the other four kitties Pankaj hasn’t named yet.

Next, meet Crossover’s Director of Operations. Some may think that title belongs to Pixie’s owner, Alina Otelea, but Pixie has other ideas.

Pixie helping Alina increase her productivity
“She sleeps on my laptop every time I step away. She massages my stomach (or my back) every evening before I go to sleep.” — Alina

Now, this is Sophie. She belongs to Ella Macoveanu, Brand Ambassador at Crossover.

“Sophie is a cheeky and playful cat! She always bring me her toys! I toss her toy, and she always brings them back to me. It’s a vicious cycle.” — Ella

This gorgeous guy is Simon. Simon belongs to Evgeny Konurbaev, Java software architect at Crossover.

“Simon is really crazy! His mood changes several times a day. Sometimes, he even jumps or runs all of a sudden for no reason.” — Evgeny

Who are these fluffy kitties? Meet Kimchie and Yam-Yam. These furry partners-in-crime belong to Stacey Marciano.

Kimchie and Yam-Yam ‘help’ Stacey work
Kimchie and Yam-Yam hanging out with their friend, Bella
“They like hanging around while I’m working and mess with my computer. I need to have my keyboard locked every time I need to step away. They’re almost always everywhere and they own everything inside the house.” — Stacey

This is Negriciosul. He’s pictured here with his owner Stefan Turtaru, global recruiting strategist at Crossover.

Stefan and Negriciosul on a sunny drive
“He gets along great with dogs, regardless of the size. He doesn’t have trust issues and adapts well to new environments. He follows me outdoors like a dog.”—Stefan
Felix waking up from his afternoon nap
Felix with his frenemies Coco and Van Damme

Last but not the least, say hi to Felix. He belongs to Denise Foz (me) and I’m a content marketer at Crossover.

“Felix loves to sleep a lot. He’s very affectionate towards humans but he’s the alpha male among my pets at home. Felix also has his own Facebook page.” — Denise