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Sep 14, 2018 · 4 min read

Crossover’s model combines the best talent in the world, with the best playbooks all run remotely off their productivity platform Worksmart Pro. Working remotely requires commitment and discipline, especially if you’ve never done it before. As such Crossover employs productivity coaches to enable individuals, managers, and teams to reach peak productivity and performance gains expected of Crossover partners around the world.

Sarah Hammons, Global Brand Ambassador, spoke to Crossover productivity coach Carlos Bocanegra.

Carlos Bocanegra is not your typical productivity coach. He holds a mechanical engineering qualification from Fundacion Universidad America in Bogotá, Colombia. In addition to engineering, Carlos has experience in quality management working with food producers both locally and internationally.

Carlos, can you tell me about your professional background?

I’m a mechanical engineer and before I joined Crossover, I was working as a Production Supervisor in a food factory. My responsibility was to ensure that quality products were delivered on time. In addition, I trained teams working on the line to improve the way they worked on a continual basis.

How did you come to join Crossover?

When I returned from living in Australia, I wanted a change in the way I was working. I saw a job posting from Crossover about high-wage remote careers for skilled individuals and thought it was too good to be true. I applied and was offered a coaching position — my Crossover journey began.

What type of contractors or managers do you coach at Crossover?

We have two levels of coaching. Level 1 focusses on individual productivity and we work directly with the individual contributors. Level 2 is focussed on managers and overall team productivity training.

Who do you work with?

We work with ESW Capital acquisitions like Aurea, Trilogy, DevFactory, and Ignite. We focus mainly on Engineering teams but also work with Finance and Support teams.

What are the different types of coaching services offered?

We offer four main types of coaching:

  1. Productivity Onboarding: These sessions ensure Crossover partners understand the methodology, metrics, and expectations their team has for them. We also equip them with how to successfully work remotely.
  2. Success with Productivity Metrics: These sessions are for individuals and are aimed at finding strategies that improve metric results. We assist with how to remove blockers and teach productivity techniques such as deep work. We want to ensure that the Crossover way of working is clearly understood and that our individual partners are set up to be successful.
  3. Insight Sharing: These sessions learn about best practices that are producing consistently high results from individuals and teams. We use this input to improve other kinds of sessions and share them with managers so they can use them to improve their team performance.
  4. Compliance sessions: The goal of these sessions is to ensure partners understand the points that are evaluated in the compliance program, how to track them and tips on how to accomplish them.

We have over 4,500 independent contractors in 420 teams distributed in 130 countries worldwide. How do you keep goals clear and focused on a company this size?

Something fundamental is learning how to cope with change. The company is changing really fast so being able to adjust to these changes is really important. With the help of the Worksmart productivity tool, you are able to stay aligned with your team and the expectations that have been defined for the team and individual.

What can you tell us about the Worksmart tool?

The tool is really useful and there are many features. For example, it is going to record the time you spend on each different activity, different applications, and websites. This helps you manage your time, and you can compare how you are spending your time with how your manager suggests you should be spending your time. In parallel, you check your results and goals your manager has set for you and keep aligned through the Worksmart tool.

How do you encourage people to avoid and eliminate distractions?

Here at Crossover, we believe in the deep work philosophy. We believe that when you are able to stay focused on just one activity you get the best results possible. So we teach partners and managers how to deal with distractions. We teach strategies like deep work and other productivity techniques to assist individuals with dealing with distractions.

So how do you help contractors and teams set milestones?

We teach contractors to break down their bigger goals into smaller manageable chunks so they can measure on a daily basis if they were able to achieve what they planned, and how to take corrective action if they did not meet their defined goals.

And Carlos, how does it make you feel to be a productivity coach?

It’s a really great experience. Being a part of helping contractors secure a long-term relationship with the company and assisting with career development is very rewarding. It’s great to see people get the promotion or the position they were looking for and to know you were part of that success.

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The Crossover Blog

Welcome to the future of work. The Crossover blog is your resource for staying up to date on topics that matter in the modern workplace-like tech skills, remote work, recruiting insights, and more. Learn more about Crossover and browse remote tech jobs at


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The Crossover Blog

Welcome to the future of work. The Crossover blog is your resource for staying up to date on topics that matter in the modern workplace-like tech skills, remote work, recruiting insights, and more. Learn more about Crossover and browse remote tech jobs at

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