The Future of Work, One City at a Time

Crossover’s brand ambassador program connects remote workers through regional meet-ups

São Paulo, one of the locations of Crossover’s first round of Partner Meet-Ups

When you have a remote workforce of more than 2,000 partners spread across 100+ countries, meeting teammates in person can be tough. Crossover’s brand ambassador program aims to change that.

Launched in January 2017, the initiative is picking up steam in Romania, Poland, Brazil, and China, the countries that our first cohort of brand ambassadors call home.

Ambassadors are tasked with the mission of building strong relationships with Crossover partners in their country, as well as identifying potential business partners and local talent who might be interested in a position with Crossover. In other words, they’re spreading the news about Crossover’s mission to shape the future of work.

Remote Workers Unite

Brand ambassadors host global partner meet-ups

During the last week of April, Crossover’s brand ambassadors in Romania, Poland, and Brazil held their first-ever regional Partner Meet-Ups. These quarterly gatherings provide an opportunity for local Crossover teammates to meet each other face to face and strengthen the working relationships formed virtually.


Location: Cluj

Host: Gelu Vac | software engineering manager and brand ambassador to Romania

In Romania, nearly 30 partners — both new hires from February’s hiring tournament in Cluj and long-time Crossover team members — met up at a local restaurant for dinner and drinks. The gathering broke up into focus groups to trade ideas and feedback. Guests even got to take home some swag, like Crossover t-shirts.


Location: Łódź

Host: George Papakirykos | global teams manager and brand ambassador to Poland

In Poland, the meet-up coincided with a Crossover Hiring Tournament being held in Łódź the same weekend. About 15 partners and 20 tournament candidates met a local café. Crossover CEO Andy Tryba made an appearance via webcam to say hello to the group and answer questions.


Location: São Paulo

Hosts: João Meinhardt and Viviane Gon| Java software architect and visual designer, brand ambassadors to Brazil

In Brazil, João and Viviane welcomed partners from all over Brazil to one big meet-up. A group of about 50 gathered for food, drinks, and team-building at a local café. Crossover’s head of technical evaluation, Luciano Bargmann, joined them as a guest speaker.

An interview with Brazil’s brand ambassadors

João (based in Porto Alegre) and Viviane (based in São Paulo) joined forces to organize what was initially planned as two events in their home cities into one country-wide meet-up. They gave us some details on how the inaugural Partner Meet-up turned out and their plans for future events and activities in Brazil.

This was your first regional Partner Meet-Up — how did it go?

J: Yes, this was the very first one in Brazil. It went very well; we combined two cities in one single event: Porto Alegre and São Paulo together.

V: It was awesome! This was the first time we had the chance to meet each other in person, because we already met each other virtually, so it was pretty cool!

How was the event received by partners who attended?

J: The common feeling from the partners who attended was excitement. People really enjoyed getting together, meeting each other in person, and sharing personal experiences about life and our jobs in the Crossover community.

V: Partners told me they really liked the event and the opportunity to spend some time together. Many of them have been working together for more than a year, so they are already friends, although they never met (isn’t remote work great?). They came from all parts of Brazil, and [we’re already planning] the next event!

How do you envision local events like this growing in the future?

J: I believe this will help us facilitate connecting with [other Crossover partners] to work from co-working places in the future. I can tell that events similar to this one will grow and help create a local identity for Crossover partners in Brazil.

V: I’d like these events to happen monthly, although I don’t know if partners from the whole country could join us again (but that would be great), and I’d like to invite future partners, too!

What’s your biggest goal as a Crossover brand ambassador in Brazil?

J: I’m a remote work enthusiast and I really believe in its potential in the near future. As a brand ambassador, my goal is to help other existing partners connect with each other, share experiences, do some business networking, and also help spread Crossover’s brand across our local community.

“I’m a remote work enthusiast and I really believe in its potential in the near future.”

V: My biggest goal was bringing partners from all over the country to this first event. The plan was inviting only partners from São Paulo, but the event got so big that partners from other cities and states started to join us. The next plan is finding a cool coworking spot for Sao Paulo’s partners and scheduling some meet-ups.

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