JAY-Z’s “4:44”: Will it Hit, or Miss?

Sean Carter, AKA HOV, AKA Jigga, AKA JAY-Z, AKA the motherfucking GOAT is set to drop his album “4:44” within the next couple of days. Some know JAY-Z as Beyonce Knowles’s husband, while the educated consider him one of, if not the most, influential people in hip-hop and pop culture.

JAY’s career started off on the right foot in 1996 with the release of one of the greatest debut rap albums : “Reasonable Doubt”. This debut album brought a new feel to rap itself and Carter was able to show an impressive flow and tone of what can simply be seen as cool. After immediate success JAY Z started to create albums like it was a daily habit making it look simple and they were good.

Not only was JAY Z able to make number one hits and albums, he paved the way for multiple artists that have such a strong following today, like Kanye West, J Cole, and so many more that everybody has heard of.

Jigga’s albums like The Blueprints and the “The Black Album” have endless hits. I remember hearing “Girls, Girls, Girls” for the first time and thinking to my 11 year old self, “this is genius.” It was so simple yet so clever along a calm beat and that was not only when I fell in love with his music but with the genre all together.

Of course I might be biased but JAY-Z’s musical and business sense are unprecedented. One of the wealthiest men in hip-hop HOV has been able to make the right investments and the right calls — most of the time. Within the past few years Carter has not made as much music but has put most of his focus into executively producing albums and managing Tidal.

Now Tidal is really the only thing that fucked things up. For those that don’t know Tidal is a music platform. What most know is it’s trash. That might have been a little bit harsh but the fact of the matter is Tidal came too late into the game to even be considered competitive with the other major music platforms, Spotify and Apple Music. From its awkward interface to it’s lack of following, Tidal is really just a joke.

For some reason though JAY-Z does not seem to understand this. His pride has gotten the best of him and instead of either selling or shutting down Tidal he still has hopes for the music platform in all the wrong ways. Sadly, JAY Z, out of pure pettiness, has taken all of his own music off of every other platform and only making it available on Tidal, which might be the dumbest thing he could have done. It only hurts the numbers that are wanting to listen to his music and not wanting to make a subscription to a failing platform.

This is what really is showing whether or not JAY-Z’s anticipated album will be a hit or a miss. “4:44” will exclusively be available on Tidal meaning millions of fans will not be able to listen to the album unless they pay for a whole new subscription. Which probably means it will go unlistened by many — that’s the problem. Unless the world can expect the greatest JAY-Z album possible that will top all of his others it will end up hurting his career — because of fucking Tidal.

JAY-Z was recently inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, the first person from any hip-hop background. He has endless great hits and albums and not to mention multiple grammys. He has left a legacy across multiple generations. Whether or not the music is good per se is not the question for “4:44” but how it is distributed is what will truly determine if it’s a hit or a miss.

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