Social Media Trends That Need to End

Social media has taken over our world. It can open up a whole world of information right at our fingertips, but some things have gone too far and just need to stop.

1.) Saying “Happy Birthday” on Twitter

This is by far the most annoying Twitter trend. If you have their number, text them happy birthday; if you don’t have their number, it’s not necessary to wish them a happy birthday. If you want to go over the top and tell someone you barely know happy birthday, then send them a direct message. Keep it off my timeline. I get on Twitter for funny videos, memes, sports, and for some strange reason I also use twitter to hear people’s opinions. Twitter needs less birthdays and more of this:

2.) Having as Many Snapchat Friends as Possible

I just counted. I have 45 Snapchat friends. Anytime I add a new friend, I delete someone from my friends list. Having a low number of Snapchat friends gives you so much more freedom. I can put things that only I think are funny on my story (this happens frequently) and not worry that I’m being annoying. I can also watch all of my friends stories in under 10 minutes.

A quick public service announcement: if you have your SC name in your bio and have your Snap Map location on… you are psychotic. With the combination of those two things, literally anyone on the internet could figure out your location (if you add them back). Also, if you are throwing a party and your friends have their location on, your party will get crashed by someone looking at Snap Map. Most likely someone weird and desperate that has long fingernails.

3.) Going “Live” and Not Doing Anything Actually Interesting

Unless you are hilarious, a celebrity, or a combination of both, I do not want to listen to you ramble into your selfie camera. If you are going live, something cool had better happen. Nut punches, someone about to ramp a snowmobile, maybe even just a good old fashioned prank. I’d watch you butter the floor in your house and chase your friend (as long as they fall), but I refuse to sit and watch you just talk into a camera and wait for people to comment.

4.) Parody Accounts

It’s 2017. Stop retweeting parody accounts. You deserve to be either fined or unfollowed if you still retweet, quote tweet, or even follow a parody account. All of the fake quotes that the parody accounts use are on the internet, so if you need inspiration that bad, get on Pinterest and go to the quotes tab.

5.) Politics on Facebook and or Twitter

Let me give you a little advice. No one has ever changed their opinion because of that political tweet you retweeted. Someone should invent a separate form of social media for political talk. Not once have I ever been scrolling through memes and thought to myself: “I really wish there was more politics on here.” If I want to see politics, I go to the CNN app or the Fox News app (yes I use both). I don’t care about your rebel flag, I don’t care about your rainbow flag, I just want memes and funny posts. Am I the only one that think it’s weird that politicians have social media? Shouldn’t they be like, making laws, or something?

The only time I’ve ever been glad politicians have social media:

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