“The House” Lacks a Moment

Recently I watched The House, and it was not what I expected. With Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler, and Rafi, from The League, I was prepared to leave the theater with sore abs from laughing so hard. This movie was weak! To make a sports analogy, I would consider this movie the 2013–2014 Brooklyn Nets. On paper both The House and The Nets should have been great, but in the end they were just a 6 seed.

While walking out of the theater disappointed I started thinking about of all the great comedies that Will Ferrell has starred in and what separated them from The House. At first I thought maybe Will Ferrell wasn’t as funny as he used to be, and that’s why this movie fell flat. No way that’s the case. Maybe I was being nostalgic towards old movies; a little nostalgia goes a long ways. I think Anchorman 2 is better than Anchorman so this probably wasn’t the reason either. My next theory was that maybe my expectations were too high. Probably somewhat true, but it was not even close to fulfilling my expectations.

And then it hit me, in order to be a good comedy you have to have “that moment” and most of the greats even have two moments. Step Brothers has the nut-sack drum set scene and the Catalina wine mixer. There’s Something About Mary has the nut-sack zipper scene and the hair gel scene. Moving on from nut-sacks, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues has the fight scene and when Ron Burgundy is blind.

The House just completely lacked a “moment”. Sure, there were some laughs here and there but I never got that pure belly laugh that I’m looking for when I watch a comedy. A movie cannot be consistently funny all the way through, there has to be room for the plot, and most of a comedy is made up of small jokes. So, without “that moment” or “those moments” a comedy is destined to fall short.

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