An ax to grind with cliches

A word to the wise

Madi Cohen, Bolton, VT

Okay, let’s dive into this head first.
Here’s a word to the wise:
Leave cliches out of your writing; they’re the worst.
Don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes.

I hate to burst your bubble,
But I think I got here in the nick of time.
You’re up to your ears in trouble
Your cliches are a dozen a dime.

Every time I see one,
It sends a shiver down my spine.
They’re always the same, been there, that’s done,
Where do we draw the line?

I hope by now you’ve seen the light.
You can stop this; you live and you learn.
Think twice before the next time you write,
“A penny saved is a penny earned.”

They have no meaning anymore,
They’re just over-used and vague.
Cliches are clear as mud, a bore,
Please, avoid them like the plague.

By Tess LaLonde, South Burlington, VT. Read more great, cliche-free writing on!