End of summer poem

Photo credit: YWP Photo Library, photo by Madi Cohen, Bolton, VT

Gold stains the green leaves,
The summer sun whispers goodbye
As the birds sing their farewells
And shadows creep over the yard.

They beckon forth the days of cold.
Their shapes sinister and strange,
They are reminders of short evenings,
And the mountains of school work I am to face.

I long for summer’s empty warmth,
The unkeepable promise of never-ending days,
Only accentuated by the starry night,
With those unreachable dreams of an infinite freedom.

From the safety of warm blankets I reach
Towards those glistening stars in the nights of impossible dreams.
But you can never truly see the stars
Until you stand outside on a cold and bitter night.

So I will throw off the warm comforter of summer and its promises,
And step out into the cold starlight.

Poem by Isabel Blankenbaker, Rutland, VT. Read more great writing from teens at youngwritersproject.org.

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