act4Greece: The innovative crowdfunding program for the economy and society

Eleni Fouka
The crowdpolicy collection EN
2 min readJan 8, 2018


act4greece is an innovative program created on the initiative of the National Bank of Greece to promote significant projects needed by the Greek society and operates with the strategic cooperation of various bodies and institutions in accordance with the model of participatory financing “crowdfunding”.

It aims to raise awareness and encourage ordinary people, companies or NGOs to contribute, depending on their financial capabilities, in order to support actions with a predetermined target amount and duration.

Since February 2016, act4greece has supported 17 social actions, managed to raise more than € 1.7 million by bringing together ordinary citizens and businesses from Greece and abroad.

Actions that have been completed

By clicking on, you can learn more about the actions and how to contribute. Donations can also be made at the branches of the National Bank of Greece.

Crowdpolicy participated in the design and implementation of the program and the digital platform and supports its operation.