Antivirus Crowdhackathon: The results of the 1st cycle of the remote innovation marathon to tackle the pandemic

Eleni Fouka
Apr 10, 2020 · 7 min read

The 1st cycle of the remote innovation marathon, Antivirus Crowdhackathon, was successfully held on April 2–5, 2020.

Antivirus Crowdhackathon is the first remote innovation marathon on the development of digital applications and methodologies for the economy and society struggling to address the consequences of the pandemic.

The innovation marathon will be repeated in cycles every 2 weeks.

The first cycle of the marathon started on Thursday, April 2, with the Kick Off Meeting which was remotely attended by more than 250 participants, contestants, teams, mentors and supporters.

The Regional Governor of Attica, Mr George Patoulis also participated in the Antivirus Crowdhackathon. He stated that the Region of Attica would support the implementation of the best applications, and he added:

“The first innovation marathon held by the Region of Attica is taking place at a critical time for our country and the entire planet. I call on the participants to contribute with their proposals to the development of applications and programs that will help the government and the citizens. It is particularly encouraging that the first innovation marathon of the Region of Attica has so many supporters and sponsors. This makes me optimistic that they will assist us in developing and implementing the proposals that will result from the marathon. We have worked with Crowdpolicy in the past and I am sure that the end result will be most useful to all of us. “

The Regional Governor of Attica, Mr George Patoulis, at the kick off meeting

More than 70 teams and 250 contestants expressed interest in participating in the marathon, while on Sunday, April 2, the presentation of the applications implemented in the 1st cycle of the Antivirus Crowdhackathon took place via video-conference and lasted for about 5 hours.

Video-conference presentations

During the presentation process, the Regional Governor of Attica, Mr Patoulis pointed out the importance of this initiative, but also of innovation and entrepreneurship, in the development of society and the economy, as well as in the provision of innovative solutions to the problems facing citizens because of the pandemic.

It is important to mention that high-level applications were presented. Thus, the teams and companies of the 1st cycle will continue in the 2nd cycle with the immediate goal of developing and maturing their idea at Proof of Concept (PoC) level.

It should be noted that the antivirus crowdhackathon is evolving into an ongoing network of technological innovation that will operate continuously throughout the pandemic with the help of collaborative tools.

We would like to thank the evaluation committee, which consists of:

  • Ioannis Giannarakis, Coordinator of Digital Innovation Action of the Ministry of Digital Governance against COVID-19
  • Konstantinos Kalogerakis, Chief Innovation Officer, Crowdpolicy
  • Georgios Karamanolis, CTO/CIO & Co-Founder, Crowdpolicy
  • Georgios Megas, European Project Horizon 2020 Manager, National Documentation Center
  • Marisa Melliou, Group Audit Director, OPAP SA
  • Vassilis Nikolopoulos, Head of Applied Research and Development, Innovation, Protergia, MYTILINEOS
  • Evangelos Diniakos, Mayor of Chaidari
  • Marinos Xynarianos, Chief Digital Officer, FintelioX Director, Crowdpolicy
  • Ioannis Charalambidis, Professor of Digital Government and Director of the Digital Government Research Center
  • Athina Chatzipetrou, President and CEO of Hellenic Development Bank
  • Ioannis Psycharis, Professor at Panteion University and Director of the Regional Development Institute

After all the presentations had taken place, the evaluation committee proceeded with the evaluation of the online applications and the selection of seven (7) teams-companies that stood out in this cycle for their idea and implementation.

The evaluation committee

The evaluation committee divided the applications into three (3) categories:

1st category: PoC Ready

The applications at this stage have the potential to be developed into pilot applications (PoC) with the support of the Region of Attica and the collaborating bodies, while at the same time they will continue to improve through the next cycles of the antivirus crowdhackathon.

The following teams stood out in this category:

  • Inertia: implementation of a home health recording platform, with the ability to automatically inform medical staff and identify the most serious cases through artificial intelligence technologies.
  • Ikesios: a community awareness platform dedicated to collecting, exchanging and statistically analyzing information from citizens about the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
  • Panwise: a community driven delivery service focusing on providing access to basic necessities — grocery stores and pharmaceuticals — for the most vulnerable groups without their having to leave home. The main goal of the platform is to make this application as accessible as possible to all parts of the population.
  • Anti.o: a platform that provides 3 services for the COVID-19: coronavirus-related notifications, awareness, tele-education for schools.
  • Come Together: provision of immunity certificates using Blockchain technologies so that citizens can enjoy again economic and social activity safely and with personal data protection.

2nd category: Roll-out Ready

This category consists of teams and companies whose applications can and / or have already started being produced (Roll-out). The teams-companies that currently have a complete and productive application have been selected so that they can provide their solution for immediate use to deal with the pandemic, so that there will be the first quick wins for the economy and society with the support of the cooperating bodies of the antivirus crowdhackathon.

The following teams-companies stood out in this category:

  • iSprinters: the #HealthentiaForCovid solution is a #selfAssessment & #SymptomTracker application that helps citizens identify and monitor the virus symptoms, while there is a management platform displaying their distribution by region and identifying the population at high risk of infection.
  • Orderstate: platform tracking orders that provides information on the scheduled delivery time, the ability to communicate and post special comments on how to receive the orders and confirmation by the final recipient.

3rd category: Ready to fast-track

Two (2) more teams were selected to be supported by collaborating bodies in order to develop their ideas faster (fast-track). In the meantime, these teams will continue to improve their proposals through the next cycles of the antivirus crowdhackathon.

  • Omnis: implementation of an awareness and support platform for possible infection by COVID-19, by recording symptoms and processing biometrics, such as body temperature.
  • Covilisation: implementation of a mobile application aiming to track contacts with COVID-19 through GPS positioning and information that the user himself has provided about his contacts and especially those who he came into close physical contact with one or more times during the last 2 weeks.

Watch the teams’ presentations:

Watch the announcement of the teams:

In total, out of the 70 teams that expressed interest, 26 finally presented their applications in the first cycle:

  • Orderstate: Contactless delivery — receipt
  • Ikesios: Civil-centric information and management system for the COVID-19.
  • Under Lens: An application that will enrich daily life routine in order to improve and stabilize mental health.
  • Omnis: Collection and analysis of medical data using IoT technology.
  • HUA Antivirus: e-school platform for primary school students.
  • Hfam: Health System Management Tool, with simulation capabilities for quick decision making.
  • Anti.o: CoronaVirus incident alert system based on the geographical area and positive energy boost / crowdsourcing.
  • Panwise: a community driven delivery service focusing on providing access to basic necessities — grocery stores and pharmaceuticals — for the most vulnerable groups.
  • George Tomzaridis: Direct contact of citizens with medical staff remotely.
  • CASD: Creation of an app, software and drone that will interact and collect patients’ clinical data remotely.
  • Giannis Bourkelis: Computer remote connection and monitoring software.
  • HackTheCoronaRat: Online platform for the availability of necessary pharmaceuticals.
  • ComeTogether: Immunity certificates on EOS Blockchain with a biometric interface.
  • iSprinters: COVID-19 Self-Assessment App.
  • Inertia: A platform for remotely monitoring patients with COVID-19.
  • ENOSIS: The lever of Greek businesses.
  • OnlyFacts: Filtering misleading news and displaying objective news.
  • Virtual Reality Business: With the help of virtual reality, information is provided to citizens.
  • Virtual Reality Business: Information is provided to citizens with the help of virtual reality.
  • K3: Personal Assistant for cancer patients that aims to improve the quality of life before and after COVID-19.
  • Covilisation: A platform that aims to track contacts with COVID-19.

Antivirus Crowdhackathon is held by the Region of Attica with the technological and operational support of Crowdpolicy.

The innovation marathon will be repeated in cycles every 2 weeks. Information about the next cycles will be available at the Antivirus Crowdhackathon website, social media and other related websites of the Region of Attica and other supporters of the action.

The initiative is supported by the Ministry of Digital Government, the Ministry of Culture and Sports and the General Secretariat of Sports, the Medical Association of Athens, several Municipalities, including the Municipalities of Aspropyrgos, Ilion, Kallithea, Moschato-Tavros, Petroupolis and Chaidari as well as more than public bodies and companies.

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