Crowd budget platform by Crowdpolicy

Crowdpolicy, a pioneer company in the development of innovative solutions and technologies that promote the engagement of citizens, has completed the implementation of the CrowdBudget platform.

The CrowdBudget platform aims to engage citizens in shaping the budget of an Organization and selecting actions to be funded through dedicated calls for expressions of interest. The platform is addressed to Municipalities and Regions and applies to the private sector as well (e.g. Corporate Social Responsibility Actions — CSR). Citizens can select and vote for the projects and actions of organizations as well as monitor and evaluate their implementation.

The key features of the CrowdBudget participatory platform of Crowdpolicy are the following:

  • calls for expression of interest to enable citizens’ engagement (crowd budget challenges) in various sectors and available budgets (e.g. tourism, culture, entrepreneurship, etc.),
  • the prioritization and voting for projects and actions,
  • the presentation of dynamic infographics and dashboards,
  • the monitoring of projects during their implementation.

Through participatory processes, the creative human capital is mobilized, creativity and youth entrepreneurship are strengthened and innovation is promoted, which results in the active contribution to the productive reconstruction of the country. At the same time, the social dimension of the ideas and the general philosophy of open public data and participation of citizens actively contribute to social solidarity which is necessary nowadays.

The platform aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Giving the citizens or users of the services a role and a say in decision-making
  • Enhancing transparency and participation by providing all the data
  • Gradually adopting e-democracy and smart participatory governance
  • Ensuring that the produced work as well as the impact on the everyday life of the citizens are documented and highlighted.

The participatory budget platform complements the suite of software as a service (SAAS) applications of Crowdpolicy (Crowdapps) that will initially be available to Cities and Regions of the European Union. The Crowdapps family of applications meets essential needs for communication and cooperation of citizens with public sector bodies by providing opportunities such as crowdfunding, consulting with citizens and collective bodies, recording citizens’ requests and problems, providing chatbot-AI digital assistants, Open city dashboards and solutions for open data.

All solutions are implemented in accordance with the legislation, European Strategies and international good practices on the participation of citizens, and are part of the broader framework of Open Government Partnership.

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George Karamanolis, Co-founder & CTO/CIO, Crowdpolicy