Crowdpolicy becomes the first greek organization to join the European Crowdfunding Network (ECN)

Tassos Michalopoulos
Jun 16 · 1 min read

Crowdpolicy, a leading innovation integrator in the field of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing in Greece, opens up to the European Crowdfunding Community as a premium member of the European Crowdfunding Network (ECN).

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Crowdpolicy will contribute with its proven expertise to the Working Groups CF4ESIF (Crowdfunding for European Structural and Investment Funds) and EXPLORING BLOCKCHAIN FOR ALTERNATIVE FINANCE of the ECN.

As an experienced development company of crowdfunding platforms and crowdsourcing apps, which lists among its achievements the Act4Greece crowdfunding platform of the National Bank of Greece, Crowdpolicy is currently an active partner at the Blue Crowdfunding European Project.

The 13 leading European stakeholders that participate in the Blue Crowdfunding INTERREG-MED consortium aspire to develop crowdfunding to fund, test and validate innovative blue economy products and services in the Mediterainnian Region. Consequently, blue-economy SMEs will get better access to funding and will be able to deliver better and more innovative solutions. In particular, the project targets the following results:

  • Capacity building of blue economy SMEs on how to use CF
  • Transnational blue-crowdfunding cluster with developed CF services
  • Mainstreaming the international CF trainings in business support institutions
  • Mainstreaming policy change and recognition of using civic crowdfunding in regions.

The crowdpolicy collection EN

The crowdpolicy collection in English.

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