Next generation Participatory Budget and e-Government by the Region of Central Greece

Eleni Fouka
Jan 9, 2019 · 3 min read

The Region of Central Greece announces the launch of the participatory budget platform #crowdbudget, aiming to engage citizens into shaping the budget of an organization and selecting actions to be funded through dedicated thematic calls for expressions of interest.

Citizens can now select and vote on the projects and actions of the organizations as well as monitor and evaluate them when they start to materialize.

This process offers citizens the opportunity to learn more about governance, train and work together to enhance good governance. The strategy of the Region of Central Greece promotes transparency and accountability, helping to combat phenomena such as inefficiency, corruption, customer relationships, while enabling vulnerable or excluded social groups and individuals to be actively involved in the decision-making process.

The #crowdbudget participatory platform is run for the first time in Greece and is part of the implementation of a broader strategic plan of the Region, entitled “Smart Sterea”, which has resulted in the creation of tools and policies for promoting transparency, engagement and accountability, such as electronic deliberations, electronic submission and tracking of requests, digital document handling infrastructures, tools for the promotion of research and innovation policies, etc.

“It is a link between Local Government and citizens. It is a live dialogue based on the needs of the citizens. It enables initiatives that allow a resident, a worker, a businessman, a family to have a say about what happens or is going to happen in their neighborhood. At the same time, for us, it is the main tool for communicating with all citizens, which enables us to plan and implement through transparent procedures. This is how the citizens’ engagement and confidence in the mayor, the regional governor and every member of the local government is achieved,” Mr. Bakoyannis stated.

The #crowdbudget platform was implemented by the Greek innovation and technology company Crowdpolicy Technologies, which has successfully implemented large-scale actions and information systems promoting innovation, transparency and efficiency in the public sector.

The platform is available at

Corporate Presentation Crowdpolicy 2018:

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