Results of Cyta Smartcity Crowdhackathon

Eleni Fouka
Mar 8, 2018 · 3 min read

Innovation Marathon for smart cities #CytaSmartcity

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Cyta Smartcity Crowdhackathon, a three-day innovation marathon on the development of innovative applications for smart cities, was held for the first time at the central offices of Cyta in Cyprus on 23, 24 and 25 February.

Cyta Smartcity Crowdhackathon was organized by the technology and innovation company Crowdpolicy and supported by Cyta and other sponsors in the context of the Open Innovation Action Crowdhackathon.

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Crowdhackathon was attended by teams and individual contestants as well as officials of Municipalities and Communities who worked together to develop applications that promote innovative youth entrepreneurship and the economy through the sector of smart cities.

15 teams participated in total and the applications that they developed cover topics such as transparency, parking, Internet of Things technologies, blockchain, Civic Policies, new technology products around #smartcities etc.

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Digital Tranformation Smartcities Workshop was held before the Crowdhackathon so as to raise awareness and highlight all the important aspects of the new technological and digital transformation in the sector of smart cities as well as regional and local development.

Smartcities Workshop

Final presentations — pitching


1st prize € 2,500: Team Analyzers, NFC Based Trash Management

2nd prize € 1,500: Team 0xGG, Blockchain Governance Platform For Transparent Procurement, Marketing Services provided by Hey Oliver

3d prize € 1.000: Team LifeSonar, Public Health Monitoring Booth, Services provided by Cyric

4th prize Services provided by Cyric: Team DeepCity, Reward Based Blockchain E-voting System Based Private Blockchain NetWork, LifeSonar, Public Health Monitoring Booth, Services provided by Cyric

5th prize Services provided by Hey Oliver:Team Applepeach, Sunbed Booking System, Team Shelbys, Unitilized Parking Spaces

Moreover, within the context of the Competition, the University of Nicosia awarded the first winning team with a scholarship for undergraduate or postgraduate studies of 75% and 30%, respectively.

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1st place: Analyzers

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2nd place: 0xGG

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3d place: LifeSonar

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4th place: DeepCity and LifeSonar

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5th place: Applepeach and The Shelbys

What are smart cities?

Sponsors and supporters

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More information

Links — multimedia

Video (playlist)


Code and presentations ,,

The crowdpolicy collection EN

The crowdpolicy collection in English.

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