My Business Model

I write, advise, record, invest, and teach. Here’s how my economic engine fits and works together.

In the diagram below, the dark blue lines represent the current flywheel. The dotted blue lines represent future additions.

Stark Naked Media —

Stark Naked Media is our content and digital product business. The mission of this business is to improve the financial literacy of entrepreneurs. I spend the majority of my time operating this business model as I believe it has the most potential to create impact at scale.

It produces and publishes educational products and programs like Stark Naked Numbers the book and Financial Management for Founders.

It also serves as the flywheel entry into our other businesses.

SBO Financial —

SBO is the OG business; it all started here. It’s an accounting and operational finance business that helps founders get financial control, clarity, and visibility on their numbers. The services range from bookkeeping, accounting, financial modelling, cash flow management, and CFO advisory.

Assurety —

Assurety is a specialist consulting business that helps entrepreneurs solve complex, strategic problems. It provides deals and strategic advisory services to businesses in liquidity events, whether that’s raising capital, selling, buying, or merging.

Arbor Capital —

Arbor Capital is an investment firm. We invest patient capital in private, growth-focused businesses with a long-term horizon.

The business has 2 models:

  • Private Equity — a growth equity fund that invests in profitable, capital-efficient businesses. We partner with businesses that have a great product and customers and are looking to accelerate their growth with capital, operational, and financial firepower. We also help founders de-risk their personal financial situation by taking money off the table.
  • The Enduring Companies Trust — an open-ended, capital compounding vehicle that invests in enduring, private businesses and holds them forever.

Arbor Group —

Arbor Group is the holding company of all the above. It’s the entity I own with my business partner Rowan.

The name ‘Arbor’ illustrates the guiding philosophy of the group. Arbor has a dual meaning;

We found the name fitting as all of our member companies and their constituents provide support and strength to each other — much like an interconnecting lattice of vines and roots systems.

Like an axle, it’s central to the core values of our group; Growth, Humility, Clarity, and Freedom.

We see Arbor as an ecosystem that provides the same strength, support, and value to our network of stakeholders.

This is my life’s work.



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Jason Andrew

Jason Andrew

Chartered Accountant | CoFounder and | Traveller