A Guide to Aragon

The Project that Lets You Build Unstoppable Organisations

Ankit Kumar Singh
Nov 11, 2018 · 4 min read


Aragon is a project that aims to decentralize the creation and maintenance of organizational structures by using blockchain technology. The project empowers people across the world by providing tools for them to easily and securely manage their organizations.

How Aragon Works

Aragon allows users to manage organizations using blockchain technology, with the goal of creating more efficient infrastructures. You can do stuff like Cap table, vesting, payments, voting, bylaws, fundraising and identity on Aragon all in a beautiful, unified interface.

For the governance, Aragon Network enables a blockchain native digital jurisdiction, which will be the first digital court of law. This digital court enables social scalability in the blockchain ecosystem without requiring users to give up their privacy and freedom by associating their physical identity with their blockchain identity.

ANT Token

ANT token is a governance token. It represents a share of governance on Aragon. It grants voting rights on development proposals. The amount of ANT you own determines the strength of your voting power.

How ANT Tokens are Created Over Time*

ANT Token Sale

The ANT Token sale collected held in May 2017 collected roughly $25 million was collected in 26 minutes.

Some stats from the ANT Token Sale:-

  • Total ETH raised: 274,989.993538
  • Total Transactions: 6593
  • Total Unique Addresses: 2616

Current State of Token Distribution(As of 11–11–2018)

As you can see, Aragon still has a fair level of centralization with top 100 token holder having 81.59% of Token Supply.

The number of token holders have more than tripled since the token sale.

Important Statistics about ANT Token (As of 11–11–2018)

Market Volume (24H): $202,476.87
Market Capitalization: $20,991,707.00
Circulating Supply: 29,102,723.00 ANT

NEST Grants Program

NEST Grants program is official grants program of Aragon. The goal of the the program is to attract talent to research and build the necessary tooling for developing solutions around Aragon and Ethereum.

As of now, Nest has granted over $1.5M in grants 15 teams working on important problems in crypto ranging from Scalable Voting to Sharding solutions.


Luis is the Co-Founder and CEO of Aragon Project. He has been awarded as the best underage European programmer in 2011, is a Forbes 30 Under 30, a MIT TR35 and was an Advisor to the VP of the European Commission.

Prior to this, He founded the blockchain startup Stampery, a startup which enables users to notarize digital transactions and certify ownership of any file or communication.

Jorge is the Co-founder and CTO of Aragon. He is a curious hacker and creator of multiple apps for iOS and macOS. One of his apps reached #2 in Apple App Store. He was also named as a 2017 class of Thiel Fellows.

He is very convinced about the decentralized future of the Internet, he has been building toy projects such as a mesh network or a small blockchain implementation since 2014.

Points To Be Noted

Aragon has been remarkably transparent in its operations in discussing with the community how the funds raised during the token sale are being utilized by the firm. Example:

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The Crypto Almanac

An Open Source Directory of Blockchain Projects

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