Unbank Yourself With Bitcoin Cash

Be Your Own Bank With a $50 Smart Phone and Bitcoin Cash

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Unbank Yourself — Be Your Own Bank

You can be your own bank with a $50 smart phone and Bitcoin Cash.

‘’If someone who is evil is calling you evil, you should embrace that, you should see it as a sign that you’re probably on the right track. If you keep your integrity, you will have to pay that price; and we should pay that price, I think, with joy. Because again, what’s the alternative?’’

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Unbank Yourself With Bitcoin Cash

The legacy financial system is mired in stagnation.

Bitcoin was fixing it, but this is no longer the case.

Since 2017, Bitcoin Cash has been carrying the torch as the version of Bitcoin that seeks global adoption as peer-to-peer Electronic Cash.

Bitcoin Cash is the digital equivalent of cash that covers the market demand for instant and near-free transactions following the intention of the whitepaper for a fast, permissionless, and borderless payment system.

The resilience of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain has been well established. The blockchain can accommodate more than 100 transactions per second, with the capacity to keep scaling as demand for cryptocurrency payments keeps increasing.

Bitcoin Cash is a practical cryptocurrency for daily use as it has a secure decentralized network with fees that are consistently lower than a penny.

More and more merchants are beginning to accept Bitcoin Cash directly, resulting in the BCH network of merchants expanding rapidly. In addition to this, a significant number of merchants also accept Bitcoin Cash through payment facilitators such as BitPay,, Coinbase Commerce, GoCrypto, Rakuten, PayPal, and several others.

Be Your Own Bank With A $50 Smart Phone and BCH

Bitcoin Cash brings the Digital Cash revolution right to your mobile device.

It only takes two minutes to download a wallet and another two minutes to learn how to send and receive BCH instantly without anyone else controlling the funds but the user.

Bitcoin Cash Wallets:

  • Electron Cash
  • Selene
  • Flowee Pay
  • Paytaca
  • Cashonize
  • Zapit

The infrastructure is ready for mass adoption. Bitcoin Cash is under constant development with the vision to make money better for a better world.

Bitcoin Cash works with a 32MB blocksize limit, and in 2024, it will contain the Adaptive Blocksize Limit Algorithm that will solve the hands of developers and allow focus and resources to several other developments.

Bitcoin Cash has no Segwit, Lightning, or RBF.

There is no need for sidechain solutions as the blockchain scales as Satoshi intended.

With 0-conf and DsProofs BCH secures near-instant transactions.

Bitcoin Cash presents the best option for those seeking financial freedom with fees lower than a penny and instant, borderless, and censorship-resistant transactions.

We utilize a high-performing blockchain technology that aspires to become the most preferred method of transactions globally, which is precisely what we had envisioned while joining the field of cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Cash is ahead of the competition and will stay this way for a long time.

Better Money For A Better World

Bitcoin Cash serves absolutely everyone.

Above all, it serves those seeking an alternative to the dangers of fiat currencies.

Bitcoin Cash does not exclude anyone from using it. Censorship resistance also suggests affordable fees and unlike the dominant version of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash has not failed.

Bitcoin Cash is designed to be inclusive, allowing anyone to use it without any discrimination. Moreover, its censorship-resistant nature implies that it offers affordable fees.

Unlike the currently leading version of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash has a track record of low fees and satisfied users.

The world is gradually embracing Bitcoin Cash, with adoption increasing in online and physical locations, while BCH has also evolved as one of the most recognized cryptocurrency brands.

Users will have to choose between cryptocurrencies, and they will select those that are fast, cheap, and reliable. Several cryptocurrencies offer transactions with high speed and low fees, and some of them even claim to be feeless. Still, these networks haven’t been tested at a large scale yet, and out of other examples we have had, their permissionless and censorship-resistant features failed.

It is common sense that when crypto payments become mainstream, the public will select Bitcoin Cash.

A wide range of companies is accepting payments via Bitcoin Cash, marking a notable shift in the adoption of this cryptocurrency as a means of transaction. From online retailers to service providers, the acceptance of Bitcoin Cash reflects a growing recognition of its utility and potential impact on the traditional financial landscape. As more businesses embrace this decentralized form of payment, it opens doors to a new era of financial inclusivity and innovation in the digital economy.

BCH-Accepting Companies:

  • AMC Theaters
  • TAG Heuer
  • Gucci
  • Hublot
  • Vueling
  • Menufy
  • Ralf Lauren (Miami)
  • Jomashop
  • Newegg
  • One.Surgery
  • Merchants on the Bitpay directory
  • Merchants connected to PayPal and Venmo payment networks

Internet Platforms, Social Media & Entertainment

The map offers insight into how merchant adoption progresses showcasing tens of thousands of locations where one can spend their BCH.

In Conclusion

It is clear that Bitcoin Cash has better and bigger targets.

The Bitcoin Cash ecosystem is not just attractive to investors, but most of all, it attracts users, and users increase the network effect.

This is an option for people who want to use their wallets for their day-to-day transactions, to pay for bills and groceries using an instant system with low fees, a blockchain that truly empowers the individual.

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