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What do reusable rockets, electric cars and blockchains have in common? You can’t build a great one alone. The same goes for a trustworthy news publication. Hence, I’m inviting you to write for The Crypto Times.

1. Why The Crypto Times?

. Not based on views, not based on ads, not based on clicks, but on the merit of their work. That’s because all of our articles are aimed to serve Medium Members. As such, we have a zero marketing policy and authors are paid directly based on Member claps and engagement. Of that payment, 90% will be forwarded to you and 10% will go to the publication, which brings me to a second point.

. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but thanks to four years of writing and hundreds of thousands of readers, I’ve learned a thing or two. Where are you rambling or leading the reader astray? Are you devaluing your own line of argument somewhere? How can you say the same with less? Getting outside answers to these questions is a necessity for any serious writer or journalist.

Oh, and you’ll help build the most rational, grounded, fact-based publication about cryptography, virtual currencies and blockchain in the world.

2. How can you contribute?

If you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of crypto as fast as we have, chances are, you too have had a tough time getting the topic off your mind. The good thing is the more you think about it, the more you have to say. And we want to hear all of it. To be able to submit pieces to The Crypto Times, you need two things:

  1. . It is not necessary for you to become a Member in order to earn money through the Partner Program, though I personally recommend it regardless.
  2. to be added as a writer for the publication.

Once you’re added, you can submit new pieces to The Crypto Times by tapping the three dots next to the ‘Publish’ button:

This brings up another question: what should you submit?

3. What are we looking for?

Less than 1% of the global population owns or uses cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain applications. Hence, right now the industry consists of early adopters, believers, and revolutionaries. But it also consists of marketers, investors, and even scammers, who all want to capitalize on its opportunity. The news reflect that.

The hype pendulum furiously swings from one side to the other, taking asset prices right with it. Headline reading follows headline journalism, rumors are reported as facts, quotes taken out of context and there is no shortage of cheap propaganda in an attempt to sway the masses. At The Crypto times, we want to eliminate all of these.

. We want the news, but more importantly, we want the facts and we want you to put them into your unique context. We want you to take all the time you need to really research the issue, to gather all the facts, and to reflect thoroughly.

A quote from Stanford researcher Paul Saffo comes to mind: “Strong opinions, weakly held.” Share what you believe, but back it up with facts, and present it in a balanced manner. That’s what we believe in.

Here are some specific examples of what you can do:

Blockchain technology will give us a chance to rebuild many old systems from the ground up. Medium is attempting to do the same. If we embrace this change together, we can rebuild the world of writing.

And this industry needs us to succeed more than we think.

Keep it crypto,



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