Blockchain Development for the Apathetic

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Mike Radin
Aug 22, 2019 · 1 min read

3rd-party Products & Libraries

A cross-platform, multi-currency wallet & exchange product.


An investment platform aiming to expand market access in Africa.

Forging Block

Crypto-currency payment gateway for merchants.


A Tezos block explorer.


Smart contract composition and simulation platform for Michelson in Python.


Swift library for Tezos operations with Conseil query support.


A Python wrapper for the Conseil query service.


A Java library for Tezos node interaction with Conseil query support.

Cryptonomic Products & Libraries


Tezos blockchain analytics and reporting tool.


A deployment of the Tezori wallet project for the Tezos ecosystem participants.


A delightfully retro wallet-oriented block explorer.


Blockchain indexing service for Tezos with a flexible REST query front-end.


A Typescript library for running Conseil queries and interacting with Tezos nodes.

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The Cryptonomic Aperiodical

Product and development updates from Cryptonomic

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