Conseil and ConseilJS are now in beta

Jan 31, 2019 · 2 min read

Cryptonomic is committed to making it easier for developers to work with blockchains. After months of work, including almost two hundred merged pull requests, we are delighted to announce the beta releases of Conseil and ConseilJS. We now call upon Tezos developers across platforms and use cases to help us test these two products at scale and successfully steer them to production.

Conseil provides a RESTful API for querying blockchain data. ConseilJS is a front-end library for both reading from and writing into blockchains that uses Conseil as its back-end. Both tools are geared towards web, mobile and native application developers who want to get up and running quickly without having to absorb nitty-gritty details about blockchains and blockchain clients.

As with all our projects, both Conseil and ConseilJS are fully open source. The code can be viewed at and While Cryptonomic encourages developers to run their own Conseil instance for their projects, we also offer a public development instance of Conseil aligned with the Tezos alphanet.

To get the Tezos developer community started, we have published walk-through tutorials for both Conseil and ConseilJS. Over the coming days, we will be putting out more articles and documentation explaining both the architecture and design of these applications, along with further tutorials.

Help for both projects is available on our developer channel on Riot, where we also handle requests for API keys and general access. We look forward to your feedback, questions and pull requests as we prepare for the full releases of two of our foundational products.

Happy hacking!

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