Galleon One

Mike Radin
May 5, 2020 · 2 min read

Working on the Galleon wallet has been one of the most rewarding experiences for us in the Tezos ecosystem, and really the blockchain space in general. We get to connect with the users and help them realize the promise of blockchains directly. Late last year we sat down to figure out a long-term strategy for developing Galleon and adding new functionality in a coherent and fast pace. The end of the beginning of that process is now out as Galleon Preview 1.1.0b.

The Features

All the tokens. This release has explicit support for the USDtz, tzBTC and StakerDAO tokens. Implicitly, any TZIP7/FA1.2 token that’s deployed on the chain can be added. As Galleon is based on ConseilJS, upcoming releases will expand functionality to include TZIP12/FA2 token support as well.

We lent our technical expertise to StableTez for their launch of USDtz. As all of us are in lockdown over COVID-19, we needed a way to confirm pertinent information being shared through digital channels — ideally in a cryptographically enforced, trustees way. Galleon Preview 1.1.0b introduces the Sign & Verify feature. With this functionality it is possible to confirm message signatures using the public keys posted on the Tezos chain. This enables secure communication and allows for ownership validation of keys. We’re very excited about these features and will be building more using this technology.

The Tech

Under the hood, Galleon Preview is based on a complete refactor of the original Tezori codebase. T2 as we dubbed it late last year is written in Typescript and architected for easy extensibility.

The Future

This reimagining of the wallet codebase will allow us to innovate faster and deliver new functionality in a safer, more isolated way. We’re already working on the follow-up release and are generally moving toward broader dApp support within Tezori and Galleon. As always, send us your thoughts or get help if you’re stuck.

For the moment we’ll continue to support both Galleon 0.9.4b and Galleon Preview 1.1.0b versions of the application.

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