Harpoon & Periscope UX Case Study

Jan 1 · 4 min read

Tezos user tools have come a long way this past year. Despite the chaos of the global pandemic in 2020, our space continued to mature with the addition of new tools, and the refinement of existing ones. At Cryptonomic we recently released two new data analytics-based user tools — Harpoon and Periscope. As the resident UX designer 🙋, I think it’s a great time to start an open discussion about how we can improve the user experience of tools in our ecosystem through focused user testing.

I designed and conducted a user research study to understand the motivations and values of key Tezos user segments, as well as test the usability of the first iterations of Harpoon and Periscope. The research was not exhaustive, but it was incredibly rich with insights. The purpose of this case study is to give a high-level overview of what we learned about Harpoon and Periscope from the usability testing portion of the study. We are all passionate proponents of open-source knowledge sharing at Cryptonomic. Accordingly, I hope to follow this article with a deeper meta-analysis of the methods used, insights uncovered, and suggestions for how a UX approach can help those building and designing tools on Tezos.


We are mapping out the motivations and values of key Tezos user segments, as well as testing the usability of our user tools — Harpoon and Periscope.

Target Users


Harpoon Usability Testing Key Insights

Average Usability Rating: 7/10

Periscope Usability Testing Key Insights

Average Usability Rating: 8.8/10

Next Steps

Overall, I think it’s important we look at how we can equip users with full context about the value these tools provide as well as consider that they are often windows for new users to learn about Tezos itself. Our next steps include defining a problem statement that speaks to the data gathered from the research and then it’s time to brainstorm solutions through collaboration and design ideation. Thank you to all those who participated in this first round of tests! We’re excited to continue to reach out to the community to include our users in our development process.

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