Smart Contract Development Syllabus

Mike Radin
Aug 16 · 1 min read

Cryptonomic has been on the road this year holding seminars and workshops about blockchain-based development in general and smart contract composition on Tezos specifically. We haven’t been everywhere just yet, and not everyone lives in places we visit. Hence we would like to present a digital version of some of the more popular materials.

Part 1: Smart Contract Crash Course — Starting Your First Smart Contract with SmartPy

Part 2: Complex Constructions — Crafting Smart Contracts with Advanced Techniques

Part 3: Testing Patterns and Analytics — Verifying Smart Contract Behavior and Security

Part 4: Deployment with ConseilJS — Originating Smart Contracts on Tezos

Part 5: Interacting with Smart Contracts — Using ConseilJS to invoke, ping and fund contracts

Part 6: Creating a dApp — Using ConseilJS to bring smart contracts to the web

Part 7: Reference Guide — A Compilation of SmartPy Functions and Features

Smart Contract repository on GitHub — The code from this article series

We love feedback, if you go through these materials and require clarification, or have suggestions for additional content, or any corrections, kindly get in touch. You can find Cryptonomic on Twitter and on Riot in our developer chat.

The Cryptonomic Aperiodical

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Mike Radin
The Cryptonomic Aperiodical
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