Summer 2019 Cryptonomic NYC Hackathon

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Cryptonomic is organizing a hackathon on August 3–4 for projects using Cryptonomic tools centered around the Tezos blockchain. Participants can join us in person in Brooklyn or remotely using Google Hangouts and Software developers, designers, data scientists and business people are all welcome to participate. Participants do not need to know how to code as long as they are familiar with design or data visualization / analysis tÏools or willing to pair up with other participants who code. Multiple teams can earn up to $150 in prize money if they complete their approved projects. Food and drinks in copious amounts will be provided in Brooklyn. :)

Rules & Logistics


  • Teams must register by Wednesday, July 31 in order to participate.
  • In-person teams can win $150 if they complete their approved projects.
  • Remote teams can win $100 if they complete their approved projects.
  • Overall winners will be picked by the judges.
  • In order to be eligible for a completion prize, teams must get their project and demo approved by judges on Friday, August 2.
  • Teams are welcome to participate without registering interest in a completion prize.
  • All projects must use at least one Cryptonomic tool (Conseil, ConseilJS or Arronax).

The timelines are set up so that teams from around the world have a fair chance at competing in the hackathon. All major proceedings in Brooklyn will be livestreamed on YouTube for remote participants. Cryptonomic team members will be available across multiple time zones to assist with technical and logistical queries.

Overall timelines (EDT: UTC-4)

  • Fri, 12:00 to Sat, 00:00: Project registration
  • Fri, 20:00 to Sun, 16:00 PM: Hacking
  • Sun, 12:00 to Sun, 13:30: Demos, session 1
  • Sun, 16:00 to Sun, 17:30: Demos, session 2
  • Sun, 18:00: Prize announcements

In-person schedule in Brooklyn

  • Fri, 18:00: Orientation session
  • Fri, 19:00 to Sat, 01:00: Hackspace is open
  • Sat, 12:00 to Sun, 01:00: Hackspace is open
  • Sun, 12:00 to Sun, 16:00: Hackspace is open
  • Sun, 16:00 to Sun, 17:30: Demos
  • Sun, 18:00 to Sun, 20:00: Closing


Below you’ll find a list of available tools for this hackathon, some build by Cryptonomic, some from other developers in the space. There are opportunities to build projects across the spectrum, be it web apps, mobile apps, React for desktop deployments, or data visualizations.

Cryptonomic tools overview

Participants will be provided with access to a Tezos node pointing at alphanet and a matching Conseil node. Unless you are interested on working on an infrastructure project we would encourage coders to take advantage of these services rather than building their own.

Our libraries come with documentation and samples, we encourage people to review those materials to get familiar with the APIs. Conseil docs, ConseilJS docs.


Cryptonomic infrastructure is closely based on this project. Nautilus is a collection of scripts and configuration files that enables consistently reproducible deployments of Conseil and Tezos nodes.


A blockchain indexer for Tezos, written in Scala. Conseil has two major components, Lorre and Conseil with a database in the middle. Lorre is the ETL process that pulls chain data into the database. Conseil is a REST service with a flexible, metadata-centric query API.


ConseilJS provides a fully documented Typescript API for interacting with Conseil and Tezos nodes. It is the basis of Cryptonomic’s web and desktop applications. NPM package and a minified JS build are available.


More than a rudimentary block explorer, Arronax is a chain data analytics tool. Written in Typescript it uses ConseilJS to interact with a Conseil node. The UI is dynamically generated based on metadata that is also provided by Conseil.

Third-party tools


This is a fully integrated smart contract composition, testing and deployment tool. Written by Smart Chain Arena it also uses ConseilJS to deploy contracts and interact with them. With a python-style syntax it provides an easy-to-use way to get productive with smart contracts on Tezos.


Created by OCamlPro, this is the earliest smart contract development tool that uses OCaml-style syntax.


Made by Keefer Taylor, TezosKit similar to ConseilJS in that it enables interactions with Tezos and Conseil nodes, but natively on iOS as it is written in Swift.


A library from Baking-Bad, ConseilPy wraps calls to the Conseil service in a convenient Python API.

Recommended projects


For web or desktop, applications can be build with ConseilJS using React or other Javascript frameworks and ConseilJS. If desired, Conseil can also be used directly as a REST service. These applications could read chain data, interact with smart contracts that the team would also design, and so on. We are excited to see retail applications of blockchains, something that could be useful to people outside of the financial services silo. However, if you have a great idea specifically related to chain-based finance we would consider those as well.

Mobile applications

Similar to the above but for the iOS platform using TezosKit.

Data visualization

Everyone likes a useful chart, using ConseilJS to extract chain data it would be interesting to see some visual analytics applications utilizing d3 or another rich charting library. For non-developers, it’s possible to use Arronax to extract datasets as CSV that can then be turned into reports.

Tutorials & Documentation

The Cryptonomic Aperiodical

Product and development updates from Cryptonomic


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NYC-based startup committed to decentralization and digital sovereignty.

The Cryptonomic Aperiodical

Product and development updates from Cryptonomic

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