Batman: The Telltale Series; Episode 2 and 3 Double Review

Years ago, we didn’t expect Telltale to carry the Rocksteady torch, but after the first episode, fans regained their hopes. Action was strong, the narrative felt less kitschy then the worst Batman’s seen, and the dialogue choices were extremely meaningful for a debut. Now, with the third and second episode released, we decided to take a deep dive, and see if the quality’s dipped or gotten greater.


Telltale games have never been known for their gameplay, but when they produce a filler episode, this sentiment holds immense evidence. Unfortunately, Episode 2 falls in this place, with the intrigue taking far to long to settle over tedium. If anything has been expanded, it’s the weakest aspects of the first.

Episode 3 follows this suit, but to a lesser degree. There are more fights, but they lack how the first episode handled them with needed punctuation. Telltale’s reasoning is that the stakes are much higher, but there could have been other ways to settle it.

Story & Design:

Episode 2 is filled with questions of morals and who’s side to take. And while this leads to one or two interesting scenes, the pacing in-between feels either inappropriate or too ambitious. This is unfortunate because Telltale has handled this better, instead of relegating essentials to the shadows.

Episode 3 has the same themes, but far more disappointing conclusions. Character development feels stiff or forced, as if things suddenly need to occur. And considering this episode contains likely the most important decision in the game so far, any weight really collapses under all these negatives.

Presentation/ Visuals & Audio:

Thankfully, retribution is contained in some presentation aspects, such as character design and voice acting. Some great performances left an impression on my decisions, and Episode 3 contains some great faces. I did notice more engine sputters, which is weird considering Episode 1 ran fine for me.


Telltale still has time to redeem themselves after quite a mixed bag, but the second and third episodes of Telltale Batman don’t leave me with neutral expectations, at best. If anything, it seems like they bit off more than they could chew, and they’ll have to do a lot to tie it all back.

Batman: Episode 2 and 3 gets a 5/10 (Flawed)

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