Ben-Hur Review

Licensed movie games may never truly die out, but because there’s been far less of them during this generation, there haven’t been any outliers to challenge the critical stereotypes they often face. What’s even more rare? One of these being completely free, and the seemingly dormant AOL publishing it.

Yes, you read that right, the company that shuttered Joystiq, WowInsider, and Massively is trying their luck in the movie based market, with their first target being the upcoming Ben Hur reboot. And if this game offers any hints on how the movie might be, you should stay away.


Ready, set, boredom!

Even a couple minutes into Ben-Hur, I was astonished that recent mobile movie tie-ins have felt better than it. This is because the game offers very little in terms of gameplay, with clunky racing and sparse combat being it’s two points. However, even this becomes much worse with some drastic design flaws.

Story & Design:

Combat could be cool, if it wasn’t pounded with glitches

Ben Hur’s story is worse than something the worst action movies committed over the years as there is no sense of direction, motives, or characters. It also criminally underutilizes the Unity engine (Inner Kung Fu Game, anyone?) and doesn’t grasp the slightest characteristic of challenge as the AI is more concerned with themselves instead of you. Even they don’t want to be playing these games.

Presentation/ Visuals & Audio:

The loading screen is just promotional material for the film

Ben Hur must have been developed on a shoestring budget, because even with two studios, all presentational aspects fall apart. When working achievement support is the best trait, you know you’re in for a journey of atrocious proportions. Did I mention that the voiceovers are repetitive as all hell too?


August must be a really bad month for games, because Playstation 4 got it’s share and Xbox One has recently declared it too. Ben Hur will not be remembered as anything besides a bad game, as it has too many issues to even form the smallest sense of fun.

Ben-Hur gets a 1/10 (Unbearable)

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