Bethesda’s Creation Club is a problem…

Bethesda’s Creation Club works for Fallout 4 and TES:Skyrim (Bethesda)

Bethesda at E3 doesn’t necessarily smell success all the times, especially when their lineup doesn’t really include new games and instead just spends 45 minutes going back over everything they’ve done in the past year.

However, out of all the small pieces of new things that came out of the company on Sunday night, one of them was the latest controversial thing to hit the industry yet.

Introducing Creation Club.

Lightning bolt symbol credits are what you need to buy the “best” mods that FO4/Skyrim has to offer! (Bethesda)

This is Bethesda’s second attempt at trying to monetize the mod community — the only thing really keeping their 11 year old games alive (outside of the yearly modern ports) — and it didn’t exactly go over well for them.

In 2015, Bethesda came out with its first wave of DLC for Skyrim and it ended with the company getting flamed very hard over the Steam forums which lead to the eventual retraction of their decision.

Steam store screencap of the mods available back in 2015 (Gamespot)

This time around, Bethesda is boasting that content creators from their own studio, from other gaming studios, and from the community, will be working with Bethesda to make an “official” release of the mods, as well as giving both the company and the creator a share of the money.

Is it a nice way to bring mods to consoles? Yes.
Is it the only way to bring mods to consoles? No.

PC gaming has experienced mods for all kinds for years — all free of charge. It’s an ever changing and constantly evolving community that deeply cares about the game they play by only wanting to see it improved, or completely off the rails.

Thomas the Tank Engine is a notoriously known mod for Skyrim. (E3)

Details are still very skimp on pricing of credits but based on the website, it seems like anyone can apply to become an “official” creator of mods, simply by filling out an application.

As an industry, consumerists and content creators need to come together and make a decision if they are going to fully support letting the developers set the price tag for what used to be “free” content, or if they’re going to stand up and absolutely refuse a service like this.

A mod made in protest for the paid mods attempt back in 2015. (Bethesda)

If Bethesda’s history is to tell you anything, or the fact that they keep re-selling an 11 year old game at full price, it might be safe to say that they’re not in it for the community….

Creation Club is slated to be open for Summer 2017