Black & White Bushido Review

For Honor brought mainstream interest back to sword-fighting games, but personally, I’ve been invested in the niche for quite a while. Niddhog, Shadow Warrior 2, and Chambara were just a couple of examples of games that did it right, and its almost has if a streak has been set lately. Black and White Bushido is now taking this to a 2D space, so let’s see if its just as successful.


As with other sword-fighting games, speed is essential in Black and White Bushido. But since its always healthy to change this up a bit, developers Good Catch Games have added light and dark mechanics to vary the gameplay a bit. Considering the game can be played competitively, this is a smart move. But unfortunately Black and White Bushido does little to keep the fun going after a couple of hours, whether you’re playing solo or with a partner.

Story & Design:

This novelty isn’t due to the game’s controls or amount of items (which is actually pretty competent) but rather how only one mode really sticks out. In other competitive multiplayer games, you can essentially shuffle through these systems and experience equal amounts of fun, but in Bushido, it feels like Death-match really received more attention than the rest. Since replay value is always a struggle for these types of titles, Bushido suffers a big loss here.

Presentation/ Visuals & Audio:

Presentation wise, Black & White Bushido is slightly more acceptable. Light and dark mechanics work well over a pretty basic palette, and menus are pretty easy to navigate. I also like the effects of some of the special items, as its not like other multiplayer games where it can be hard to differentiate which is which.


Black & White Bushido has a handful of large successes, but its lack of replay value succumbs it to a competitive title you should probably grab when on sale. After all, there are only so many multiplayer games you can buy digitally, and nowadays its good to prefer the cream of the crop.

Black & White Bushido gets a 6/10 (Limited Appeal)

We’d like to thank Good Catch Games for giving us a code!

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