Chambara Review

Over the past couple of years, the marketplace for competitive games has become ironically competitive. Games like Toto Temple Deluxe don’t achieve commercial success compared to peers like Towerfall, and even the big names going into the genre have flopped. (See Minecraft developer Mojang’s Cobalt for example) The genre is in an extremely weird place right now, and while no game has been claimed truly victorious, there’s a lot of fun to be had. Chambara is aiming to be in this district, combining samurai gameplay with a minimalist but still unique art style. But does it work? Our critical analysis lies below.


Chambara is one of the few multiplayer games I’ve played where stealth can be used to your advantage, mixing elements of Ninja Gaiden and Metal Gear Solid Online to flow with the gameplay. In fact, everything in this game flows together in an outstanding way. The color scheme matches the style and frantic pace, the combat is quick and intriguing, and the mechanics are an entirely different beast but nevertheless fun.

Story & Design:

Chambara also has a wide variety of modes, weapons, and of course cosmetics, so the possibilities can feel endless, all feeding into that addictive split-screen couch play we all know and love. However, the game strides itself as being a bit inconvenient when friends are around. The only single-player portion is an otherwise short tutorial.

Presentation/ Visuals & Audio:

You’d be blind if you weren’t saying that Chambara doesn’t do minimalism well, because while there are only a handful of color schemes, it feels essential to the sneaky camouflage-like moments present in the gameplay. This creates a system that doesn’t lead to any players calling out a bullshit kill, but that doesn’t mean anybody will be less salty. It’s always in good taste, however.


Chambara is a multiplayer titan and courageously reinvents the wheel without fail. I could complain about the game’s lack of modes, but that goes against the entertainment you really are receiving. After all, nothing I’ve played this year matches this kinetic, effortless, and overall enticing concept.

Chambara gets a 9/10 (Superb)

We’d like to thank team ok / USC Games for giving us a code!

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