Dimensional Intersection Review

Industry experts have loved to talk about the greatness VR might build for video-games, but they always seem to miss the point about the indie experiences that will come out of it. Examples like Super Hypercube, Thumper, Rez Infinite and more have transcended experimental concepts into deeper meanings, crafting experiences that look anything but forgettable. Nicalis has also chimed in with their own take, titled Dimensional Intersection. It promises wild ambition, but more importantly does it deliver?


Even with the five dollar price tag, players expecting something truly sufficient out of Dimensional Intersections should look in different directions. One of the reasons for this is that the game isn’t as intuitive as it seems, giving more of a tech demo impression with it’s gameplay. Worst of all, there are even more limitations.

Story & Design:

Dimensional Intersection is devoid of story components, so it really has to craft an intriguing atmosphere in order to sell itself to gamers. Yet, one of the game’s primary focuses is music, and it doesn’t let you choose your own. Everything’s pre-selected, and while it is nice, it simply loses variety quick. I find it a bit confusing that this wasn’t implemented, as it would have made the game a big hit.

Presentation/ Visuals & Audio:

The one redeemer that can be found in Dimensional Intersection is the presentation. If you want to relax in an eclectic but nevertheless welcoming environment of shapes and colors, then this game is for you. The soundtrack also holds some clout too, although I don’t believe any of it is originally scored.


Dimensional Intersection is just another appetizer of what can be accomplished in VR, something that will quickly become irrelevant as time passes by. This will make it even harder for Dimensional Intersection to keep an audience, if it could already.

Dimensional Intersection gets a 4/10 (Bad)

We’d like to thank Nicalis for giving us a code!

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