Doodle Devil Review

Many mobile titles have crossed over to the Playstation 4 marketplace, with Doodle Devil looking like another forgettable one at first glance. However, it’s gameplay could be more graceful than others, due to how much it’s features could use the touchpad. So, does it follow this notion, or continue another ambition and flounder elsewhere?


Gameplay wise, Doodle Devil features a whole lot of combining, which will definitely click with the more cerebral players out there. This also gives it a lot more depth than it’s competitors, but the game could be improved if there was a lot less trial and error gameplay when it gets harder. Simple guessing doesn’t lead much in the way to great entertainment!

Story & Design:

Doodle Devil’s synopsis is nothing more than a backdrop, but the game’s controls work pretty fluently. The only negative is that sometimes there is a lot of empty space, but this is remedied by what you’ll need to press to gain more insight on your solutions, which lessens the annoyance.

Presentation/ Visuals & Audio:

Doodle Devil’s mobile graphics won’t pop like they should on a flatscreen, but the developers have poured a lot of color and variety into the world. This isn’t the same for the background however, which feels just as non-existent and empty as the story, although more literally so here.


If you’re looking for a decent puzzle game, Doodle Devil will likely do the trick. It’s not necessarily puzzle game heaven, but I’ve played titles much worse than it this year, which gives it all the more clout. (Considering it’s developers did not resort to laziness.) Kudos!

Doodle Devil gets a 7/10 (Average)

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