Furi Review

They say history repeats itself, and even this can be seen in the games industry. Hard as nails titles released during gamings yesteryear sucg as Contra, Ninja Gaiden, and Battletoads were infamous for their difficulty and absence of hand holding. And in the early 2000’s, many complained about how this died out in the favor of linear story or multiplayer driven experiences. It seemed the genre wouldn’t make a comeback anytime soon.

But on the cusp of the eighth generation, everything changed. We saw these tendencies incorporated into the most successful of indie games, and cult franchises that molded themselves into blockbusters. And just like the 80’s and 90’s, it’s become a sort of space where games containing these traits need to do something remotely different, and fast.

That’s where Furi comes in.


Of course, the great weather effects make it all the more epic

Giving off the strange vibe of a cyberpunk Donnie Darko, Furi set’s its stakes off with a more ominous sense of revenge. In fact, one of the best things about Furi is how it’s unnatural numerous themes connect to the gameplay. You rarely gain extra health during intense fights, echoing impressions of intense retribution. This goes even deeper with the limited times that are available to attack your opponents, but strangely, this makes fights all the better. Waiting for that one perfect moment and attacking like a tiger after spotting a zebra, is iconic in Furi’s nature.

Story & Design:

Don’t let the color scheme fool you, Furi is a relentless effort

Furi also fuses a lot of different influences into its incredibly challenging ever changing structure, including bullet hell and fast fighting melee. Yet, this works masterfully well. The fights themselves are already changing, so it’s really just a case of you finishing the job, and getting onto the next beautiful set-piece. In between these segments are exposition, but it’s definitely needed after every tough but rewarding brawl.

Presentation/ Visuals & Audio:

The boss design is delightfully wacky

In addition to the breathtaking mayhem, Furi also composes a wonderfully vibrant aesthetic that’s drenched with a great soundtrack. In the game’s quieter moments, these design choices lead to great periods of self reflection, while never spoiling what will come next. It’s truly genius, time after time.


Furi is an explosive type of game, but never once does it get in it’s way. From a company that hadn’t done much before, it’s insane that this game came out so innovative and fun. While it may not appeal to everybody looking for a casual experience, there’s no excuse to pick it up if you’ve got Playstation Plus. You might dive into a new comfort zone you were never aware of until now.

Furi gets a 10/10 (Masterpiece)

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