GIF Highlights From West Coast Warzone 6 ‘Street Fighter 5' Tournament

If you’re a fan of Street Fighter, you know that Street Fighter 5 Season 2 is well under way. This weekend, Gfycat went down to Orange County, CA, to mingle with the FGC crowd and to check out the action at West Coast Warzone 6.

Kicking off our highlights, we have the young up-and-coming player PG Punk getting blown up by No Respect’s Urien, sending him straight to the Loser’s Pool.

Total disbelief and shock spread throughout the audience — even the commentators just couldn’t handle it.

No Respect went popping off all over the place


…And again

Meanwhile, Gootecks continues his warpath against fashion by repping the Matrix shades

Love it or hate it, the future is here.

He even proceeded to pull a Gllty at one point

Who do you think does it more kawaii?

…Back to PG Punk after being slam-dunked into the Losers Pool.

Turning things around, PG Punk used the corner to his advantage against CeroBlast as he viciously fought his way up to the top 8.

Though, for a hot minute, it did seem like Snake Eyez had the win during Loser Semi-Finals.

The ultimate showdown was between EG NY Chris G and PG Punk. Both players were relentless!

Chris G made a fatal error when he missed the opportunity to make a combo and Punk turned it against him with the V-Trigger, stealing the entire tournament away.

What a play at the emotions there. From the epic loss to a sim, to the losers pool, then climbing all the way back up to get to the top 8 bracket, to finally taking the win for Warzone 6.

As said by Gllty, “You lose until you win” — which is exactly what we witnessed this weekend at West Coast Warzone. Truly entertaining!

In his victory speech, PG Punk grinned as he told everyone, “Thanks for the easy [Capcom Cup] points!” The future looks bright for PG Punk. He has proven that he will let nothing stand in his way from making it to number 1.

Want more of the Fighting Games Community life? Curious as to how PG Punk will compete in the next tournament? Check out some of the upcoming tournaments: NCR in Sacramento next weekend April 14–16, DreamHack April 28–30, and Texas Showdown May 5–7.

Until next time!

Kyra Kelley is a lover of all things PlayStation, but will play almost any game she can get her hands on. Find her on Twitch @sheisacyborg

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