Happy Dungeons Review

Released on the cusp of the Xbox One’s announcement, Happy Wars was a precursor to the free to play game markets we see on current generation consoles today. It was sort of a sleeper hit, and proving higher than other multiplayer titles released that year, including Microsoft’s own Fable Heroes. It was a game that had potential if anything, and an Xbox One re-release revived the game’s popularity for a long-in-development sequel. It still isn’t technically out, but we decided to take a critical analysis at the early access version anyways, to see what’s great and what can be changed.


There still is some repetition, but less so

In terms of gameplay, Happy Dungeons retains a lot of the same systems from Happy Wars but these now have more depth and variety, something that was desperately needed to avoid the grinding found in the first game. (Which especially existed if you didn’t pay for anything) The game has also improved and buffed it’s loot system, which is a great thing to see.

Story & Design:

The special attacks of high level enemies are predictable and tropey

Happy Dungeons spreads it’s story over battles the same way Happy Wars did, but since the game is in Early Access, there’s even less than the original game. However, I did find some solace in the game’s expanded setting and character selection, which certainly gives players more freedom and replay value.

Presentation/ Visuals & Audio:

The bosses still have obvious influence

Happy Dungeons is definitely catered to a younger audience, but the way the game handles it’s presentation, graphics, and sound didn’t make this an issue. The game also runs pretty well even though it evokes a lot of the same themes from the first title. There are a couple textures here and there that seem a bit muddy however.


Overall, Happy Dungeons is a sufficient but not wholly substantial change from Happy Wars. However, since the game is in Early Access, I have a feeling this will be improved upon, even though the current version is nothing more than another competent dungeon crawler.

Happy Dungeons gets a 7/10 (Average)

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