Hard Mode as DLC

Breath of the Wild to continue this disturbing trend

Nintendo’s recent announcement for their upcoming Zelda game Breath of the Wild has continued an ongoing trend by game companies that has the gaming community worried and rightfully angry.

Hard Mode seems to only be with DLC

While the announcement is still a little vague, it appears that hard mode will only be available as paid DLC, which is really a slap in the face of gamers. They are forcing us to buy DLC by selling an incomplete game yet this is starting to become a common practice. It is bad enough that game modes have become ridiculously easy, long gone are the days when you actually struggled to get past a level on normal mode, where you actually had to get good at a game to complete it. These days games are too easy and hard mode is a much needed setting to bring balance to this change and to allow hardcore gamers more of a challenge to their gaming experiences.

Watch Dogs 2 released hard mode with paid DLC

However by adding hard mode only to DLC means gamers have to purchase the extra DLC if they want to have that more ‘complete and difficult’ experience of the game. And these days that price of the DLC is often at least 40–50% of the original game price, meaning players a having to pay considerably more to play a complete game. While it is expected that a sizeable portion of the player base will want to buy the extra DLC content, they shouldn’t have to just to play the game on a more reasonable difficulty.

How things have progressed

You have to ask, since when did game companies decide it was ok to charge us extra money for different difficulty levels. DLC and incomplete games on release has become a major problem already. The last thing gamers want to see is this pay for difficulty model becoming common practice.