LastFight Review

Capcom has a lot of franchises up their belt, but for the past couple years, it’s been a constant cycle of Dead Rising, Monster Hunter, and Resident Evil. They’re never been adamant on giving an old franchise new life (just ask Mega Man, for example) and while this has become more bearable over time, there’s one exception that I still can’t believe they haven’t brought back.

If you ever booted up a Dreamcast fifteen years ago, you probably know what I’m referencing. Power Stone has stood the test of time as one of the most underrated fighters out there. It’s as cutthroat as classics like Smash and Street Fighter, but contained a bit more depth due to it’s arena proceedings. Now, indie devs Ico Partners are attempting to reboot the game’s magic in their new game, LastFight. So, is it a last fight for the genre, or a last fight for others who dare to come in it’s way?


LastFight’s maps might be considered small by the average player, but after dedicating hours into the game, I wouldn’t have it any other way. The fun of throwing objects, getting into hazards, and clutch moments is simply escalated by the fact that you have to be quick yet meticulous. It’s a style not always seen in some fighters, but I’m happy it’s returned here.

Mechanics-wise, LastFight could be seen as sparse. Most characters have slight variations of the same move-sets, and the game occasionally lacks the fundamentals that make other fighters great. There’s also a significant emphasis on blocking, so keep that in mind.

Story & Design:

LastFight’s story shows promise, but is ultimately butchered in similar ways. There’s always the feeling that elements are missing, and when the game is providing excuses, it simply feels lazy. It’s also a bit repetitive too, lacking the great chaos found when playing with friends.

Presentation/ Visuals & Audio:

LastFight’s aesthetic feels accomplished, but when you look deeper, there’s actually more that could have been done with it. For example, it doesn’t use everything from it’s source material, which could anger hardcore fans. On top of this, the game’s lack of online multiplayer could even turn off casuals.


Lastfight is one of those games that seems fun at first, but delves into tedium if you grasp for richer insight. It cuts it’s audience short by missing key components or botching others, which would have certainly brought the game to it’s knees if some fights weren’t so exhilarating.

Lastfight gets a 6/10 (Limited Appeal)

We’d like to thank Ico Partners for giving us a code!

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