Logitech G Pro Mouse Review: Great Components, No Fluff

Alex Rowe
Alex Rowe
Mar 24, 2017 · 5 min read

Well okay, the $69 Logitech G Pro does include RGB lighting, so if you consider that to be fluff, then there’s only a tiny bit.

Logitech and I have had a tumultuous year, and it’s only March. But here I am, back again. I came crawling back to apologize. I’m still bummed about what happened, and there was no excuse for it on Logitech’s part…

But I’m here to say that the G Pro is a wonderful mouse that sits right at the perfect sweet spot of form and function.

And I almost missed out on using it.

What you see is what you get with the G Pro. It has everything most people will need in a gaming mouse.

Recently, I discovered RocketJumpNinja’s mouse reviews on Youtube. And I then proceeded to spend a couple of months ignoring his advice. No sir, I will not measure my hand and then use that as the basis to find a good mouse, what are you crazy?

He wasn’t crazy it turns out.

The Logitech G Pro is the successor to the Logitech G100. It’s marketed as a mouse for eSports Pros, but don’t let that get to you. It’s just marketing, and anyone could use the mouse really. Its aim seems to be to give users just what they need in a mouse, without a hint more. It’s streamlined, it’s bare, it’s raw. A cynical person might even call it basic…but its performance is top tier.

I love it.

The sensor is a Pixart PMW 3366 optical model. If you do a little internet searching, you can read countless praises about this sensor. To me, a non-competitive gamer, it seems pretty darn amazing. The tracking is smooth, pixel-perfect, and hyper fast.

In combination with the light weight and the sleek design, I feel more in- control of my PC games than I have in over a decade.

I used to think that heavier mice were more suited to me. I liked the raw feedback of pushing a slightly dense thing around on my desk, if that makes sense. I’ve been gravitating towards larger, “ergonomically-styled” mice for years now, and I’ve been satisfied with the results.

I didn’t know what I was missing. Weighing in at just 85g or so, the G Pro is light without the slightest bit of hollow cheapness. It’s just fast. The light weight means that it’s ready to move when you are, but the solid construction gives it the same satisfying feel as other heavier mice I’ve owned in the past.

A number of years ago, I bought the Logitech G502 . It had the same optical sensor in a much bigger body, and you could add weights to that body to make it even beefier. It had a weird angular design with plates and bits sticking out of it everywhere.

Look at all these bits of connected angled plastic in the G502! This thing must have been insane to manufacture!

Unless you’ve got the world’s largest hands and they’re made out of metal robot parts, you don’t need any of that stuff. The short, contoured shape of the G Pro is more than adequate for all the main mouse grip styles, and I’ve found it perfectly comfy for long sessions.

If you’re a fan of tons of extra buttons…the G Pro doesn’t really offer that. It has two side buttons that are perfectly placed and resistant enough that you won’t click them accidentally. It has a single DPI switching button below the scroll wheel. And that’s it. So this is not a macro-friendly MMO-style mouse. But that’s okay with me.

Aside from the high-grade sensor, Logitech packed in Omron mechanical switches with a long-life durability rating and spring loaded tension to make the buttons nice and clicky. The buttons are a touch louder than most other mice I’ve used, so if that’s likely to bother you be warned. They are fast and responsive. The mouse wheel button is almost too stiff to be good, but it’s just within usable limits. The scrolling action feels and sounds nice.

Build is primarily slightly-textured plastic. There are no rubberized surfaces or grip diamonds or ledges for your fingers here. The sides are textured a bit and the top/buttons use a soft-touch finish. The plastic has a nice clean feel to it, and it didn’t make my hand overly sweaty. I also think it’ll be much easier to clean off than all the slightly rubbery mice I’ve had over the years.

Full RGB lighting is included here, with lights in the logo and around the bottom of the mouse. They are all linked together as one lighting zone, and you can control it really easily with Logitech’s G gaming software. The software is pretty slick and friendly…although I’ve noticed that my lighting settings won’t save to the memory inside the mouse. I have to reopen the software every time I boot up my machine to get my custom lighting to sync. Seems like it might be a bug, and it’s an inoffensve one but I had to mention it.

I primarily tested this mouse with two of my favorite mouse-heavy games: Diablo III and Bejeweled Blitz. In both cases, I had more precision and control than I’ve had with the last several mice I’ve owned. That’s as much a testament to the quality of the mouse as it is to me using other mice that were wrong for my hand and my playstyle. I’ve never felt so connected to Diablo before, and I’ve played hundreds of hours of that game, so I know what I expect it to feel like.

This mouse is really good, and it’s well-suited to my hand. It has redeemed Logitech a fair bit in my eyes and shown me all the errors I made in my last several mouse purchases. Now, I have hands that are definitely not anywhere near the biggest, so your mileage may vary if you have super huge hands. The mouse retails for $69 normally, and I think that’s an okay price…though I’ve seen it on sale many times and managed to snag mine at a slight discount.

I’ll never buy a giant heavy mouse again!


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Alex Rowe

Written by

Alex Rowe

I do radio voice work by day, and write by day and night. I studied film and production. I love audio, design, and music. Also video games.



The collective gaming guide of in-depth reviews, interviews, and opinions. Keep calm and game on. 🎮

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