How to Make Friday the 13th: The Game an Even Better Experience

One of the most infamous faces of terror—Jason Voorhees.

Friday the 13th: The Game has suffered from a jagged launch, but despite in-game flaws, the game is an overall enjoyable survival horror experience. Its immersive portrayal of one cinema’s most notorious slashers, Jason Voorhees, brings players into a dreadful reality of escape and merciless death. Whether playing as him or as a camp counselor, the entire experience is an impeccably design by Gun Media; from meticulous cabins identical to the films, counselors replicating beloved characters throughout the series, and hidden secrets to discover.

Spending countless hours repeating the same objective always has different results; Friday the 13th: The Game is outright fun, though repetitive. A severe criticism from its already cult following is the game’s lack of content especially considering the $39.99 price tag.

However, it is desperately needing a single-player campaign; constant maintenance with server issues; continual updates on the game’s glitches and in-game combat mechanics (as GM has been doing); new counselors (create-a-counselor?), perks, maps, and various Jasons; and possibly new game modes, Friday the 13th: The Game can improve by additional features. All of which making this horror experience come more to life.

Picking Only Valiant Jasons

The role of Jason is central to the game’s dynamic, and recreating his terror as the films depict is arduous for many players. There have been numerous games where I’ve played and the Jason player was obviously less experienced. While, on the contrary, I’ve played plenty of games where the Jason player was stellar; setting traps in opportune places, using fear as an element, and more. What’s most rewarding is defeating a challengeable Jason.

Friday the 13th: The Game’s uniqueness really relies on whoever is controlling him Jason. And that is a particular skillset not all can or want to be; which makes me preference being a counselor. Even so, there have been times where I was chosen to play Jason.

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A more specific system should be implemented for choosing a Jason user. Something like a before game scene which players can choose a side of either the counselor or Jason, and then the game selects a Jason from a more distinct list. This would allow those who preference Jason a greater chance of being him in-game, and eliminate those who don’t.

Imagine a new game mode which has every player in first-person perspective.

A System Indicating Remaining Time

The last option a counselor ever wants to do is survive from Jason for an entire 20 minutes. But if all else fails, that is the only resort. I have been there, all alone running and hiding from Jason, wondering just how much time was remaining.

It may not make any difference in the long run, but having counselor players know how much more time is left could allow for better time coordination; whether to escape with the vehicle or boat, or just stick together and wait it out.

What about time-specific events? Where during a certain time-frame particular events could occur for Jason or counselors?

A system like seeing the Moon rise over maps or sunrise appearing before timers’ end would benefit struggling counselors looking for any means of survival.

A Single-Player Escape

Friday the 13th: The Game’s strategy focuses on strangers communicating toward a common goal—escape. Without proper communication, tasks will either go unaccomplished or will take longer to get accomplished. It is frustrating not being able to convey locations and certain item placement. The game would benefit from a single item, single-player escape element.

Yes, it seems cowardly for someone to just leave without helping the others. But if communication is dead and no one is playing together, what option does one have?

For example, having a bike that needs a single chain could help one counselor escape, and maybe help find items for the vehicle, police call, or boat. To balance the single escape, Jason could immediately destroy it by popping the tires with his weapon.

I know Friday the 13th: The Game is based around teamwork, but if the team is not working, there should be another way out.

On Map, Show Where Dead Counselors Are

With seven counselors exploring each cabin, one usually hides an important item in their inventory and dies with it in hand. This leaves others in-game unable to find another route of departure and become a guarantee kill for Jason.

This is most frustrating: I’m trying to find the fuse to call the police but it is lying on a dead counselors’ body which I don’t know where he/she is. It is an easy fix. The map should show where counselors have been murdered so items can be found again.

My personal favorite counselors are Tiffany Cox, AJ Mason, and Jenny Myers.

Better Unlockables

Leveling up currently doesn’t have great incentive for both the avid and casual player. Just new outfits for counselors and CP for perk rolling is not so rewarding when comparing how many hours one can put into the game.

Something like another slot for a counselor perk or another slot of a Jason kill animation may give a reason to “grind” levels. Until new options become available, I don’t see better unlockables coming.

Better Combat

The combat in Friday the 13th: The Game is slow and unintuitive. It doesn’t give players a reasonable shot when going one-on-one with Jason. Yes, I know no one has a real shot against Jason, except Tommy Jarvis, but the combat should give a fighter’s chance.

Possibly adding the ability to throw items would help. A better hit registration system. Ability to punch if you have no weapon. Just something giving counselors a better chance against Jason, please.

Something for Murdered Counselors

Dying early in a match is simply unentertaining. Unless you have hilarious commentary and gameplay coming from teammates or Jason players, you are just switching between cameras, awaiting another game to begin.

A user on the Friday the 13th: The Game official Reddit forum suggests having dead players become like ghosts, in a sense, and terrorize remaining counselors by controlling small items in cabins like lights and fire, or slightly moving furniture. Maybe helping surviving counselors by signaling through objects on where to go.

It is an ambitious suggestion but would be quite entertaining than just sitting and watching for several minutes or more.

More Ways for Jason to Play

Jason is overpowering, and for obvious reasons why. The masked murderer has a menacing array for abilities that make surviving his grasp near impossible. However, usual setting of bear traps, same select kill animations, and ways of terror become bore and routine over time. As a counselor, I anticipate what the Jason player will do before the match begins.

More tools for Jason would change the element of surprise and provide new strategy each game. Possibly like finding ropes throughout the map to set a hanging trap near a tree or ability to pick up a different weapon for different kill scenes. How about swapping abilities like having one that illusions Jason near a counselor?

Maybe Jason doesn’t need any more tools, but a change in one’s play style could keep the game from becoming uninteresting, which is big complaint as of late.

These are some features I believe would make Friday the 13th: The Game an even better adaptation of the films and a better gaming experience. All seem pretty reasonable.

What do you think the developers should add?


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